Electrocardiograph Technician

Delgado offers two EKG courses that are designed to equip the student with the necessary skills to become an EKG technician, Holter monitoring technician, and stress testing technician. Upon completion of EKG I and EKG II, the student will be eligible to take the national certification examination. Given in two semesters, the courses are offered in spring and fall. 

The first course, Introduction to Electrocardiography (HESC 161), offers an introduction to the theory and practice of EKG with emphasis on practical applications, electrophysiology of the heart, applicable medical terminology, simple interpretations of EKGs, and the technician's role as a health professional. 

Electrocardiography II (HESC 162) presents the practical applications of the advanced principles of electrocardiography.  Emphasis is placed on Holter monitoring and EKG exercise treadmill testing. 

Please contact the Allied Health Admissions Office at (504) 671-6201 or (504) 671-6203 for further information.

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