Culinary Arts and Hospitality

The Culinary Arts Program at Delgado provides exceptional education opportunities in foodservice as a Professional Culinarian and in the Baking and Pastry Arts. Our program epitomizes the Delgado philosophy that academic and practical training must coexist to ensure a thorough education leading our alumni to successful and prosperous careers. Many of our students and graduates are working in the finest restaurants and foodservice operations around New Orleans and the South, fulfilling their dreams and continuing the tradition of quality and excellence learned while studying in this first-class program.

Our programs are designed to train students in the art of professional cooking and baking using theory accompanied by supervised hands-on training.

Located at the City Park Campus of Delgado Community College, we prepare students for entry-level and mid-management culinary positions in the restaurant and foodservice industry and provide skill upgrades for certification, promotions, and increased wages. We offer an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree with a concentration in either Professional Culinarian or Baking and Pastry Arts as well as three Certificate of Technical Studies programs in Culinary Management, Basic Line Cook, or Baking and Pastry Arts.

The Professional Culinarian concentration leads to jobs as savory cooks and chefs, while the Baking and Pastry Arts concentration leads to positions as pastry cooks, cake decorators, and bakers. Students can choose to concentrate in either, based on individual interests and ambitions. We also provide cross training in both concentrations to give students a broad range of skills and offer electives covering a range of industry trends including nutrition, supervision, food writing, and social media to name just a few.

Students will complete an internship providing the opportunity to study under executive chefs of hotels, restaurants, caterers, and bakeries in the metropolitan New Orleans area and beyond. Our students are encouraged to use this opportunity to expand their knowledge of the culinary arts and the world.

Come by and visit us, so that we can meet you, give you a tour of the facilities, and answer all of your questions. Contact our office at (504) 671-6199, or contact the program director directly:

Vance C. Roux CCC, CCE, ACE
Program Director
Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management Department
Delgado Community College
615 City Park Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70119
(504) 671-6145 desk
(504) 671-6553 fax

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