Health Requirements

For any student attending Spring 2019 clinical courses

All health will be due December 18th. Registration is December 13th and 14th. If you do not have your health in time, your classes will be dropped after registration. If your classes are dropped you will be encoded out of the program, which will prohibit you from registering until your health is submitted and approved by Ms. Thompson.

We will be looking at anyone who has TB expiring now through the end of April. Please wait until the week of December 3rd to do your TB that way it is good for a year. If you go out and do it this month, you will need to redo it again next semester. You will either need a blood test or one skin test. If you did a blood test last year, you will be required to continue doing the blood test, or be required to do a 2 step skin test. If you had a positive skin test and did a chest X-Ray last year, you will be required to do the blood test this year. If you had a positive blood test and did a chest X-ray last year, you will be required to do the TB Questionnaire.

We will be looking at CPR. If you have a card that says April 2019 or later, you will be OK. If it is expiring prior to that time, you will need to renew your CPR. We have 2 instructors on campus doing CPR in early December. If interested, please see the Charity website. On the left side, scroll down until you see the CPR link. If you click on that, everything you need to do for CPR on this campus is listed. Information is also posted on your Canvas site.

We will be looking at anyone who has liability expiring now – January. If it is expiring in January, you will need to renew it prior to the start of classes. Liability must always be kept current.

We will also be looking at physicals that are expiring now through the December 18th due date. We do not require you to do it prior to your year in case you have insurance and they will only pay after a year. Physicals are an annual requirement, therefore, whenever it expires, you are required to get a new one. Physicals must be placed on our forms. Please make sure all 3 pages of the physical are uploaded. Physical forms can be found on CastleBranch in your To Do List. If you have completed a physical on anything other than our forms, it will not count and classes will be dropped.

Finally, we will be looking at anyone who has a Hepatitis B shot, MMR or Varicella booster, or any repeat titers that are due by the deadline. All shots, boosters, or repeat titers, must be completed when they are due.

TB and CPR are requirements that must be good through an entire semester. Therefore, if yours is not, you are required to do it by the deadline no matter what Castlebranch states. If you are due for a physical, liability, or any shots or repeat titers after the due date of December 18th, you are required to keep up with those. If you do not complete those annually when they are due, and you are in clinicals, you will be pulled from clinicals and receive an unsatisfactory until your health is in Castlebranch. It is the responsibility of the student to keep up with their health.

No hard copies should be submitted to your coordinator, instructor or myself. All documents must be submitted to Castlebranch. If it is not in the system it is considered incomplete.

If you are trying to upload a requirement that is not yet due, you must call the CastleBranch Student Service Desk and ask for a renewal to be populated early. They will unlock it, but it will take 24-48 hours to do so. Please keep this time frame in mind when submitting documents on time.