Physics and Astronomy

The Physics Department at Delgado Community College has grown significantly over the last four years. The department now provides students three sequences of Physics and two general education Astronomy courses. 

The curriculum is built for students that plan to transfer to four-year institutions in the physical sciences, biological sciences or engineering and for students that plan to enter the workforce upon obtaining an associates degree in allied health and engineering technology fields. 

Course Sequences

Elementary Physics Sequence

  • PHYS 101/107
  • Recommended for Non-Science and certain Allied Health Majors.

Physics (Algebra/Trigonometry Based) Sequence

  • PHYS 141/142/143/144
  • Recommended for Pre-Med & Health Science Majors

Physics (Calculus Based) Sequence

  • PHYS 221/222/223/224/225
  • Recommended for Pre-Engineering and Physical Science Majors


  • SCIE 111/112
  • General Education Science Sequence

List of Courses from the Official Catalog