Start your pathway to a new career today!


Delgado is currently offering three industry-specific pathways in our Accelerating Career Education program:

 Information Technology (IT) Pathway

     The IT pathway is for you if you are interested in a career working with computers and helping a company or organization improve its use of technology and data management.

     You will study basic computer systems including: key applications, hardware and software, and living online.

JOBS: The IT pathway is designed to prepare you to start your career or pursue additional education in the fields of cyber security, health information technology, and advanced manufacturing.

 Healthcare Core Pathway

     The healthcare pathway is for you if you are interested in careers in the healthcare industry.

     You will study introductory healthcare skills like First Aid, CPR, medical terminology, and pharmaceutical math, and other valuable skills that will prepare you to begin a career or continue your education in healthcare fields.

JOBS: With the new $4.2 billion LSU-VA Hospital complexes being built in New Orleans, this high growth industry sector will need prepared individuals as nurses, medical assistants, ambulance services, home-health, and in clinics/hospitals for jobs coming to New Orleans in the next few years.

Technical Trades Pathway

     The Technical Trades pathway is for you if you are interested in careers in the technical fields such as Welding, HVAC, and Automotive.

     You will study the information needed to enter and safely work in technical trades. This includes an overview of licensure, safety, customer and employer relations, and universally used tools as well as the foundational skill need to becomes successful in the industry.

     You will also learn valuable study and career skills that will help you navigate the college experience and take advantage of the many resources available to you on campus.

JOBS: The Technical Trades Pathway prepares you for jobs as a Welder, HVAC Technician, or Automotive Technician.