Alphabetical Listing of Forms

Absence From Class/Duties Request (Form 1502/003)

Academic Articulation Review Form (Form 1438/001)

Academic Challenge/Appeal Form (Form 1440/003)

Academic Renewal Extension Appeal Form (Form 1411/008)

Access Card Request Form (Form 1370/002)

Accident/Incident (Employees) Post Analysis Reporting Form (Form DA 2000)

Accident/Incident (Visitors/Clients) Post Analysis Reporting Form (Form ORM 3000)

Accident Report - Louisiana State Driver Safety Program Form DA 2041

Ad Hoc Budget Committee Recommendation Form

Annual Giving Employee Pledge Form

Appeal for Transfer-Suspension Admission (Form 1411/008)

Application for Academic Renewal (Form 1411/007) - Effective Fall 2017

Application for Advanced Placement Credit (Form 1432/002)

Application for Certificate (Form 1447/002)

Application for CLEP Credit (Form 1433/001)

Application for College Board AP Credit (Form 1432/003)

Application for Credit Examination (Form 1434/001)

Application for DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Test) Credit (Form 1412/004)

Application for Faculty/Staff Foundation Board Activity Grant

Application for Graduation

Application for Industry-Based Certification Credit (Form 1435/002)

Application for LEAP Credit (Form 1435/002)

Application for Proficiency Examination - Charity School of Nursing (Form 1434/002)

Authorization for Special Travel Circumstances (Form 1380/004)

Authorization to Release Academic Information to Third Party

Batch Cover Work-Study Timesheets

Bookstore Charge Form (Form 1504/002)

Budget Revision Request

Building Inspection Checklist

Career Pathways Development Template

Catalog Change Submission Form

Catering Event Sheet

Certification of Employee Routine Field Travel Form (Form 1380/003)

Change of Address/Name Form (for all Delgado employees)

Change/Addition of Major Form (Form 1442/010)

Change of Personal Information Form (Form 1442/013)

Change of Student Record Form (Form 1442/002)

Checklist for Potential Graduates

Child Care Payment Agreement Form

Classified Employees Performance Evaluation System (PES)

Classified Full-Time Position Description (Word)

Classified Part-Time WAE Position Description (Word)

Classified Staff Grievance Form (SF16)

Clinical/Practicum Student Incident/Accident Report Form (Form 2610/001)

Conference Travel Expenses Form B (Form 1380/002B)

Consent to Release Information for Person and Disability (Form 1468/001)

Contact Form for Resource Development

Contract for Professional, Personal, or Consulting Services (Form 3311/001)

Contract Review Form - Civil Service Form CSCR1

Contractual Evaluation Form for Continuing Services Contracts (OCR Form)

Contracts for Professional, Personal, Consulting and Social Services Sample Certification Letter

Contractual Agreement for Issuance of "Incomplete" (1441/001)

Course Syllabus Format (Word version)

Curriculum Proposal Cover Sheet (Form 1510/001)

Custody Receipt - Property Removal Pass (Form 1352/001)

Daily Storeroom Material Receiving Report (Form No. 14)

Day One Guarantee Retraining Agreement (Form 1410/009)

Departmental Bookstore Charge Form (Form 3323/002)

Departmental Supplies Requisition (Form 3323/001)

Departmental Wish List Application (Form 3050/002)

Design and Print Work Order Form

Direct Appointment - Contract Between College and Designer (Form 3311/003)

Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization Form (LCTCS Form for EMPLOYEES)

Direct Deposit Waiver Request Form (LCTCS Form for EMPLOYEES)

Direct Deposit Vendor Payment Delivery Authorization Form (For VENDORS)

Disability Services Testing Accommodations Form (Form 1468/002)

Disciplinary Appeal Form

Disclosure of Outside Employment Requiring  Approval of Chancellor or System President (LCTCS Form "B"- Word Version)

Disclosure of Outside Employment Requiring  Approval of Chancellor or System President (LCTCS Form "B"- PDF Version)

Disclosure of Outside Employment Requiring Approval of the Vice Chancellor (LCTCS Form "A"- Word Version)

Disclosure of Outside Employment Requiring Approval of the Vice Chancellor (LCTCS Form "A"- PDF Version)

Documentation of Warning (Form 2130/001) - Suggested Template

Donation of Movable Property Form (Form 3050/001)

Driver Authorization and Driving History Form (Form DA 2054)

Dual/Concurrent Enrollment Application/ Application for Enrollment Using TOPS Tech Early Start Program And/Or Supplemental Course Allocations

Dual Enrollment Maximum Hours Waiver Form (Form 1440/001)

Duplicate Diploma Request (Form 1447/001) in WORD

Duplicate Diploma Request (Form 1447/001) in Adobe PDF

Duplicator Xerox Copy/Printing Job Request Form

Educational Degree Plan (Form 1505/001)

Electronic Message Board Request Form

Emergency Contact Form

Employee Exit Checklist (Form 1410/008)

Employee Request for Released Time to Attend Class (1412/001)

Employee Request for Tuition Exemption (Form 1412/002)

Employee Request for Tuition Reduction (1412/003)

Employee Request for Tuition Reduction or Exemption CHECKLIST

Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate - Federal (W-4)

Employee Withholding Exemption Certificate - State of Louisiana (L-4)

Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9)

End of Semester Checkout Form (Form 2122/002)

Envelope Ordering Instructions

Evaluation of Transfer Credit Form (Form 1442/015)

Excellence in Teaching Nomination Acceptance Form (Form 2230/001)

Exemption from the Classified Service - Request (Part-Time Unclassified)

External Agreement for Use of Facilities (Form 4310/002)

Extra Service Agreement (Form 3242/003)

Faculty Evaluation Forms (includes all Faculty Evaluation Forms in one document)

Faculty Evaluation - Additional Evaluation Form for Nursing Faculty (Form 2220/005)

Faculty Evaluation - Classroom Observation Form (Form 2220/002)

Faculty Evaluation - Faculty Member's Final Conference Form (Form 2220/003)

Faculty Evaluation - Preliminary Evaluation Agreement Form (Form 2220/001)

Faculty Evaluation - Sample Formative Evaluation Form

Faculty Evaluation - Supervisor's Evaluation Checklist for Part-Time Faculty (Form 2220/007)

Faculty Evaluation - Supervisor's Evaluation Summary Form (Form 2220/006)

Faculty Evaluation - Supervisor's Final Conference Form (Form 2220/004)

Faculty Qualifications Verification Summary (Form 2122/007)

Federal Ethnicity and Race Reporting Form

Fee Waiver Form for Minisession/Flex Course (Form 1412/007)

Field Travel Expenses Form A (Form 1380/002A)

Financial Records System (FRS) Request for Account/Access (Form 1822/005)

FMLA - Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of Covered Service Member - for Military Family Leave

FMLA - Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Health Condition

FMLA - Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member's Serious Health Condition

FMLA - Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave

FMLA - Designation Notice

FMLA - Notice of Eligibility and Rights & Responsibilities

Function Request - "Internal" Event/Function Request (Form 4310/001)

Fundraising Request Form (Form 6313/002)

Grade Change Form (Form 1441/002)

Graduation Application Form

Grant Concept Planning Form (Form 6310/002)

Grant Intent Form (Form 6310/001)

Grant Process Checklist (Form 6310/003)

Grievance Forms for Teaching, Faculty, Librarians and Academic Counselors with Rank

Hazard Control Log (ORM Form HC-1-90)

I Contract (Contractual Agreement for Issuance of "Incomplete") Form 1441/001

Institutional Research (IR) Request Form

Interactive Television Teaching (ITT) Course Proposal Worksheet (Form 1452/001)

Interim Coverage of Hospitalization - Life Insurance Form (Form 2600/001)

Internal Event/Function Request (Form 4310/001)

Justification for Substitution of Graduation Requirements form (Form 1413/007)

Key Control Form (Form 1370/001)

L-4 Louisiana Employee Withholding Exemption Certificate

LASERS Change of Address Form

Leave Request Form (Form 2400/001)

Maintenance Work Order (Form 1330/001)

Master Syllabus and Course Syllabus: Format and Guidelines

-- Master Course Syllabus Format (Word version)

-- Course Syllabus Format (Word version)

Meritorious Commendation Application Forms

Mini-Grant Application Forms (Forms 6311/001, 002, and 003)

Mini-Grant Application Sample Proposal

Mobile Communications Agreement and Request Form (Form BAA-E001)

Mobile Communications Device Acceptance Agreement Form (Form BAA-E002)

Notice of Cancelled Class (Form 1442/001)

Notification of Excessive Absence Appeal (Form 1444/002)

Office Hours Form (Faculty/Staff Schedule Form)

OGB Enrollment/Change Form

Online Printing Web Site Use Instructions

Oral and Written Proficiency Form (Form 2122/004)

Overtime/Compensatory Leave Approval Form (Form 2400/005)

Overtime - Statement of Agreement or Understanding for Classified Employee Compensation for Overtime Work

Pager Contract Form

Part-Time Agreement (Form 3242/002)

Passenger Liability Waiver (Form 1382/002)

Personnel Action Form (Form 2200/002)

Petty Cash Check Voucher Request (Form BAA-A01/001)

Petty Cash Reimbursement Request (Form BAA-A01/002)

Portfolio Worksheet and Assessment Evaluation Form for LEAP (Form 1435/001)

Position Control Form (Form 2200/001)

Power of One Grant Application Form (Form IA-001)

Power of One Grant Proposal Evaluation Form (Form IA-002)

Professional Development Presenter Grants Application & Information

Professional Leave and Travel Request Form (Form 1380/001)

Professional Services Contract (Form 3311/001)

Project Submission Checklist

Promotion-In-Rank Application (Forms 2321/001A, B, and C)

Promotion-In-Rank Division Committee Individual Recommendation Form (Form 2321/002)

Promotion-In-Rank Recommendation Form for Division Promotion-In-Rank Committee (Form 2321/003)

Promotion-In-Rank College Committee Individual Recommendation Form (Form 2321/004)

Promotion-In-Rank Recommendation Form for College Promotion-In-Rank Committee (Form 2321/005)

Promotion-In-Rank Academic Affairs Promotion Appeals Council Individual Recommendation Form (Form 2321/006)

Promotion-In-Rank Recommendation Form for Academic Affairs Promotion Appeals Council (Form 2321/007)

Proof of Immunization Compliance (1411.1 Health Services Form)

Proposal for Use of Student Technology Enhancement Program (STEP) Fee (Form 1837/001)

Purchasing Card Action Form (Form 3300/013)

Purchasing Card Cardholder Agreement Form (Form 3300/011)

Purchasing Card Cardholder Enrollment Form (Form 3300/010)

Purchasing Card Issuer's Statement of Disputed Item

Purchasing Card Missing Document Affidavit Form (Form 3300/012)

Purchasing Card Notification of Discrepancy - Violation Form (Form 3300/015)

Purchasing Card Unauthorized Purchase Form (Form 3300/014)

Receiving Report (Daily Storeroom Material Receiving Report) Form No. 14

Recoupment of Overpayments Statement of Understanding Form (LCTCS Form)

Reference Check Form

Refund Request Form (Form 1143/001)

Reimbursement for Personally-Owned Vehicle Use (DA MV7)

Relocation Request for Equipment/Furniture (1352/002)

Repeat/Delete Application (Form 1441/003)

Request for Change of College Catalog for Degree or Certificate Requirements (Form 1413/002 - Word Version)

Request for Change of College Catalog for Degree or Certificate Requirements (Form 1413/002 - PDF Version)

Request for Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Leave (2411/001)

Request for Field Trip (Form 1502/002)

Request for Permission to Serve Alcohol (Form 1475/001)

Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials (Form 1451/001)

Request for Released Time (Form 2420/001)

Request for Sanitization of Data Storage Device (Form 1822/009)

Request for Student Record Information (Form 1442/005)

Request for Transcript Form (See "Request A Transcript Webpage" for more information.)

Request to Create Account (Form 3300/001)

Request to Defer or Withdraw Graduation Application (Form 1440/005)

Request to Organize (Charter Approval for Proposed Student Organization (Form 1470/001)

Requisition for Purchase Form (Form 3300/001)

Residency Appeal Form (Form 1411/012)

Residency Reclassification Application Form

Response to Student Complaint (Form 2530/002)

Response to Student Grievance (Form 2530/004)

Retirement Membership Plan Disclosure Form

Salary Deferred-Payback Option Form

Service Learning Mini-Grant Application Form

Service Learning Stipend Application Form

Special Topics Course Proposal Cover Sheet (Form 1510/003)

Statement of Agreement or Understanding for Classified Employee Compensation for Overtime Work

Student Complaint Form (Online)

Student Course Load Override Form (Form 1440/001)

Student Field Trip Waiver (Form 1502/001)

Student Government Association Officer Tuition Waiver Agreement (Form 1471/001)

Student Grievance Form (Form 2530/003)

Student Information System (SIS) Request for Account Access (Form 1822/003)

Student Referral Form (Online)

Student Technology Enhancement Program (STEP) Proposal Eligibility Form (Form 1837/002)

Student Waiver of Services/Accommodation Form (Form 1468/003)

Substantive Change Review Form (Form 1510/002)

Substitution of Graduation Requirements Form (Form 1413/007)

Summer Service Employment Form for Nine-Month Full-Time Faculty (Form 2123/001)

-- Summer Session Pay Scale

Telephone Reference Check Sample Form

Temporary Residency Reclassification Form (Form 1411/009)

Transcript Request Form (See "Request A Transcript Webpage" for more information.)

Travel Expense Account Form (Form 1380/002)

TRSL Enrollment Application/Notification Form

TRSL Name Change Request Form

Tuition Increase/Fee Hardship Appeal Form (Form 1412/011)

Unclassified Faculty/Staff Position Description Form (Form 2200/005)

Unclassified Staff/Administrators Evaluation Form

Vehicle Rental Request (State Contracted Vendor) Form (Form 1380/005)

Vehicle Rental Request (Delgado Vehicle) Form (Form 1382/001)

Verification of Employment Form

Veteran, Service-Member, Dependent, Spouse Non-Resident Tuition Waiver Request Form (Form 1411/011)

Violence Incident Statement

W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification - Internal Revenue Service Form

Web Site Content Management System (CMS) Authorized User Agreement (Form 1823/001)

Withdrawal From College Form (Form 1442/003)