Transfer Student

Select the category that best describes your admission status for specific admission requirements.

Transfer Applicant Categories

Transfer degree or certificate seeking student

This is a student who is taking courses for credit who intends to complete an associate degree or certificate program at Delgado Community College.

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Non-degree or non-certificate seeking student

This is a student who is eligible to take an unlimited number of credit courses for personal enrichment, job improvement, or some reason other than earning a degree or a certificate.

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Summer visitors

Summer visitors are transfer applicants attending Delgado Community College for the summer only and are returning to their home institution in the fall semester. An official transcript is not required for admissions.

During advising, summer visitors may need to provide an unofficial transcript or grade report to verify they have completed course prerequisites. To request a registration override for a pre-requisite course completed at your home institution, visit the list of registration error/override forms and select the form you need based on subject.

Transfer students on probation or suspension

This is a student who is currently on academic probation or is suspended from another college or university.

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Transfer international student

This is a student who is on a student visa and is transferring from another college/university.

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Academic Renewal

Transfer applicants who have not enrolled in college level coursework for at least one year may be considered for Academic Renewal. Academic Renewal can only be awarded by Delgado once in an academic lifetime and cannot be declared for any period that was previously used for an awarded credential. Academic Renewal is processed through the Registrar's Office.

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