Delgado Community College offers several options in Motor Vehicle Technology:

  • An Associate Degree

    • Associate of Applied Science

      • Body and Fender Concentration

      • General Automotive Concentration

  • Cooperative degree programs

    • Ford ASSET

    • General Motors ASEP

  • Certificate of Technical Studies

    • Body and Fender Concentration

    • General Automotive Concentration

  • Technical Competency Areas (TCA's)

    • Automotive Gas Metal Arc Welding

    • Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Light Repair



Students entering either of the cooperative degree programs must be sponsored by a participating Ford or GM dealer who provides supervised work experience for approximately eight weeks of each semester. The other half of the semester is spent in special classes at Delgado.



Certificate of Technical Studies is a one-year certificate in Motor Vehicle Technology



A Technical Competency Area is an applied course or a series of courses which has a focus on workforce development. These may be free standing courses or they may be part of a certificate and/or degree program. Many of the TCAs will prepare the student for certification or licensure. Contact the division which offers the TCA for specific information about this new and dynamic workforce development opportunity. Students who register only for a TCA are not eligible for federal financial assistance.


The Motor Vehicle Technology degree program is accredited by the National Association of

Industrial Technology, 3300 Washtenaw Avenue - Suite 220, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, phone: 734-677-

0720, fax: 734-677-0046, email: nait@nait.org.