Registration Date / Time

May 21                      9:00 - Nursing II 
                                    10:30 - Nursing III                                    

May 22                      9:00 - Nursing IV, Clinical Practicum 
                                   10:30 - Nursing I, Pharmacology I

May 23                      9:00 - Special Populations II and Pharmacology III
                                   10:30 - Special Populations I & Pharmacology II


Students who had a registration hold may register for nursing courses as soon as the hold is lifted using the online registration system through LoLa at  To see if you have a hold, log into LOLA and click on Registration Add/Drop.  If you can see the boxes to register for classes, you do not have a hold.     


Summer Registration for Level II

Summer Registration for Level III

Level I

Level II

Level III

Level IV

Nursing IV Teams Class and Clinical Schedule

Level IV Practicum

If you want to switch sections, you should email your coordindator with your request.  The coordinator will try to work with students, however, not all requests can be fulfilled.  Coordinator emails are as follows:


Debbie Skevington, Coordinator, Level I (Nursing I & Pharmacology I) - 

Dr. Nora Steele, Coordinator, Level II (Nursing II, Pharmacology II & Special Populations I) -

Dr. Amy Bell, Summer and Fall Transition & Interim Coordinator Level III (Nursing III, Pharmacology III & Special Populations II) -

Gary Lott, Coordinator Level IV (Level IV & Clinical Practicum) & NAC II -