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The Dietetic Technician Program at Delgado Community College consists of General Education courses, Required Related courses, and Required courses in Dietetics.

Note:  Graduates of a Baccalaureate program granted by a U.S. regionally accredited college or university may apply for the supervised practice of the Delgado Dietetic Technician Program to establish eligibility to take the Dietetic Technician Registration Examination.  See Dietetic Technician Registration Pathway II.


Course Number Course Title Credits
ENGL 101 English Composition I   3
MATH 118 Algebra for college Students 3
CHEM 101  Elementary Chemistry 3

*Refer to Humanities and Fine Arts Elective courses listed in the current
Delgado Community College Catalog.


Course Number Course Title Credits
SPCH 130      Fundamentals of Speech  3
HESC 111 Medical Terminology  3
PSYC 127 General Psychology (or higher)  3
BIOL 161 Intro to Anatomy & Physiology 3
BIOL 163 Intro to Anatomy & Physiology Lab  1

Note: Science courses over 10 years old may require repetition.  Check with the Allied Health Admissions counselor.


The Dietetic Program Courses consists of three semesters of class work and clinical, administrative, management, and community experiences.  Students may begin Dietetic courses at any semester.

Course Number Course Title Credits
DIET 101 Introduction to Dietetics  3
DIET 111 Introductory Foods 3
DIET 141 Basic Nutrition 3
DIET 205 Nutrition in the Life Cycle 3
DIET 206 Nutrition in Disease   3

DIET 208

Institutional Foods 3

DIET 216

Management Practices 3

DIET 220

Computer Systems in Dietetics 3
DIET224 Nutrition in Wellness 3
DIET 225 Dietetics Seminar  1
DIET 251 Practicum in Dietetics 3
DIET 252 Practicum in Dietetics II 6

Students who may wish to transfer college credits earned at Delgado Community College, the following courses should be taken

  • MATH 130 or higher instead of MATH 118
  • BIOL 251 /253 and BIOL 252/254 instead of BIOL 161/163
  • CHEM 141/143 instead of CHEM 101


Total Credit Hours:  59