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Dietetic Technician

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About the Program
The Dietetic Technician is specially trained in the areas of food and nutrition.  The Dietetic Technician, Registered is a trained professional who plays a key role in providing quality, cost-effective client care and foodservice management.  Dietetic Technicians work independently or in partnership with a registered dietitian in a variety of settings: hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, research facilities, schools, community health programs, food companies, and wellness centers.

Delgado’s Dietetic Technician Program is a two-year accredited Associate of Science degree program.  Graduates are eligible to take the Registration Examination for Dietetic Technicians, which is administered through the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

The Delgado DT Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education of the American Dietetic Association, 120 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60606-6995, 1-800-877-1600,

Program Mission, Goals, and Learning Outcomes 

Program Mission

The Dietetic Technician Program is committed to providing comprehensive learning-centered experiences that enable students to become caring and responsible practitioners who are competent and ethical in the provision of dietetic services.

 Program Goals

  • The program will prepare graduates to be competent entry-level dietetic technicians.
  • Through encouragement, motivation, and support, program faculty will increase the number of students who complete their dietetics program of study.
  • The program will prepare and encourage students who seek an advanced degree in Dietetics. 

Program Outcome Measures

  • Graduates achieve over a 5-year period a pass rate of at least 80% on the DTR exam.
  • Within 12 months of completing the program, at least 80% of graduates seeking employment will be employed in an entry-level Dietetics position.
  • At least 60% of employers responding to a survey will indicate satisfaction with the preparation of the graduate as an entry-level dietetic technician.
  • Students achieve a satisfactory rating for all the entry-level competencies.
  • At least 50% of the students will graduate within 2 years of initial enrollment in Dietetics courses.
  • Students indicate on surveys “satisfactory” or better scores with respect to the support provided by faculty and/or preceptors.
  • At least 50% of graduates who indicate a desire to pursue a baccalaureate degree in Dietetics have begun course work within one year of graduation.

 Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to promote the consumption of foods that meet the nutritional needs of individuals and groups.
  • Students will demonstrate the techniques and tools used for management of foodservice systems.

Dietetic Technician Program Costs

Students pay the same fee for each semester as other students enrolled for credit in the College:

  • Tuition and payment information is available in the Student Handbook, which is available on the Student Website.
  • Additional fees per semester ($266.00) include application, lab, student government, student life center, on-campus parking, student ID, technology, academic excellence, and operation fees.
  • Other costs to the student (approximately $1500.00) cover uniforms, textbooks, medical exams, drug screening, background investigation, transportation expenses to supervised practice facilities, professional organization dues, and seminars over the duration of the program. 

Various financial assistance options are available to students.  Information on scholarships, loans, and grants may be obtained through the College’s Office of Financial Assistance: (504) 671-5042.

Dietetic Technician Program Schedule

Students will follow the College's Academic Calendar.  This schedule can be found in the College Catalog and in the College Student Handbook.

Graduation/Program Completion Requirements

Graduates are awarded an Associate of Science degree by Delgado Community College and are qualified to sit for the Registration Examination for Dietetic Technicians.

Upon graduation and successful completion of the program, students will receive a Verification Statement, completed by the Program Director, which indicates that the student has successfully fulfilled the requirements for program completion in accordance with institutional policies.  Verification of completion of dietetics programs is the method used by the American Dietetic Association to ensure that stipulated qualifications for membership have been met and by the Commission on Dietetic Registration to determine eligibility for the Registration Examinations for Dietetic Technicians.  At various times in preparing for professional membership or registration, an individual will be asked to supply verification of both academic and supervised practice qualifications.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of the individual to obtain the appropriate number of Verification Statements and to safeguard them until the time they are to be used in various application processes.