Dietary Manager Training Program


The Nutrition & Foodservice Professional Training Program (DMTP) at Delgado Community College has been approved by the Louisiana Community and Technical College System and the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP, 406 Surrey Woods Drive, St. Charles, IL, 1-800-323-1908). This program will provide academic and clinical/field education in dietary management. Once course work is successfully completed, the student will be awarded a Technical Competency Area (TCA) and will become eligible to take the Certified Dietary Manager, Certified Food Protection Professional (CDM®, CFPP®) credentialing examination.
What is a Dietary Manager?
A dietary manager is a trained foodservice operations manager who primarily supervises and manages the dietetic services area in health care, long-term care facilities, hospitals, schools, and other non-commercial foodservice settings.
Dietary Managers are trained in understanding the basic nutritional needs of their clientele and they work together with registered dietitians to provide quality nutritional care. Other responsibilities include directing and controlling menu planning, food purchasing, food production and service.
They normally work a forty-hour week, including some weekends and holidays.
What is the Dietary Manager Training Program like at Delgado?
The DMTP at Delgado Community College is an on-line training program which combines on-line education with clinical/field education. The program which consists of 10 college credits and 150 hours of precepted field experience can last 2 to 4 semesters depending on the academic needs of the student.  The courses at Delgado are taught by a Registered Dietitian and each clinical/field experience is supervised by an RD and an appropriately trained food service professional.   The student is also eligible for student membership in ANFP.   
Upon successful completion of the ANFP approved program, the graduate is eligible to sit for the CDM®, CFPP® credentialing examination and become an active member of ANFP.
How do you apply for admissions to the Dietary Manager Training Program?
Delgado Community College is an open admissions college. All students meeting the minimum requirements for admission will be accepted. However, class size is limited in DMTP 125 to the first ten qualified students due to the availability of clinical training sites.
When should you apply for admission to the Dietary Manager Training Program?
Students are eligible for admission to the Dietary Manager Training program when they meet one of the following criteria:
·         Provide evidence of a high school diploma or equivalent, and
·         Provide scores from the ACT, SAT or Delgado College Placement Test sufficient for college placement,
·         Pass the Ability to Benefit (ATB) test,
·         If the above does not apply , enroll in the Workforce Training  Program
Will these course transfer to another related training program?
The Dietetic Technician Program at Delgado will accept some of the courses which have been successfully completed and meet the requirements of the program. For more information regarding this program, contact the program director, Dietetic Technician Program, 504-671-6227
How do you find out if courses you have taken at other schools will transfer to Delgado? To find out if courses you have taken will transfer to Delgado, call 504-671-6203 to set up an appointment with an Allied Health Advisor to have your transcript evaluated.
What are the costs associated with this program?
DMTP students pay the same fee for each semester as other credit students enrolled in college


Residency Status
Fee for 1-3 hours
Fee for 4 hours
Fee for 6 hours
Louisiana Resident
$ 296.40
$ 592.80
$ 296.40
$ 357
$ 476
Additional Fees for all students
Textbooks cost are approximately $200 over the duration of the program. Information on scholarships, loans and grants may be obtained through the college’s Office of Financial Aid. Telephone (504) 671-5040
At least one of the following courses is offered every semester
DMTP 101      Medical Nutrition Therapy                                           3 Credits
DMTP 115      DMA Food Service Operations                                  3 Credits        
DMTP 110      DMA Human Resource Management                        3 Credits
DMTP 125      DMA Field Experience                                                 3 Credits
TOTAL CREDIT HOURS:                                                                   12