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The Annex……..

We’re expanding!

Delgado Northshore - Slidell is opening a second building in January. The Annex will house a 50 percent increase in classrooms and labs, faculty offices, and a quiet study area for students. There will also be a Learning Emporium, a place to support multiple student learning styles with “something for everyone.”  Equally as important, the Annex solidifies access to student parking in the rear of our main building. As always, our goal is to support students in the pursuit of their educational goals. We are excited about our new addition and look forward to serving our community with high quality education on the Northshore.

We are committed to the Northshore—listening and responding—for the success of our students and community!








Welcome to Delgado Community College - Northshore.

Delgado Community College has been offering courses on the Northshore for more than 30 years, initially using St. Tammany Parish Public School facilities. Since 1988, the College has operated a permanent site, the Slidell Learning Center; the SLC (now Northshore/Slidell) has been successful in attracting the majority of the more than 2500 students who attend Delgado on the Northshore.

As a prime example of the College’s response to community needs, Delgado Northshore represents two ideals: providing easy access to higher education for all of our citizens and serving new aspirations and new populations in southern Louisiana.

Delgado Northshore - Slidell: 320 E. Howze Beach Road, I-10 Service Road, Slidell, LA 70461 (504) 671-6610