When can a Transfer or Re-admit student be advised?

Transfer and Readmit students have three options on how to schedule their classes. We would encourage all transfer and readmit students to take advantage of the advance registration period.  

Registration periods:

Fall semester:  April-August

Summer semester: April-May

Spring semester: November-December

Contact us at enroll@dcc.edu for specific dates.

Methods of scheduling classes:

In person:  You can schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor for advisement and scheduling of classes. You must have a transcript of all work completed at previous colleges & universities (an unofficial transcript or grade report is acceptable).

On the internet:  You can schedule your classes online at www.dcc.edu 24 hours after you submit your admissions application online. Click here for Internet Registration step-by-step procedures. Internet registration hours are:

Monday-Friday 8:00 am-8:00 pm

Saturday 1:00 pm

Sunday All day

If you opt to register on the internet and your official transcript has not been received and processed by the Office of Admissions, and the course you want to take at Delgado requires a prerequisite that was completed at the previous college/university, you will be required to register in person to secure an “override.”

Students who register on the internet should print a copy of their class schedule along with a fee statement. Please be aware of the college’s tuition and fee payment schedule as posted on the web or contact us at enroll@dcc.edu for specific fee payment deadlines. Failure to make fee payment arrangements by the specified deadline will result in your classes being dropped from the system.