Transfer Probation and Suspension *New Policy*

Transfer Probation:

A transfer applicant who was on probation from his/her previous institution will be admitted to Delgado on probation.  The student will remain on probation until he/she has attained an overall cumulative of 2.0 or higher. If a 2.0 grade point average is not achieved, the student will be suspended for the following semester.

Transfer Suspension:

Transfer applicants who have been suspended for the first time from an accredited college or university may petition to be admitted to Delgado for fall or spring semesters only.  If admitted, the student is on porbation for the duration of the suspension from the previous college or university and his/her enrollment will be limited to auditing courses (maximum of nine hours), taking developmental courses and /or CCSS 107 only. Applicants must file the appeal (Appeal for Suspension Admission Form 141/008) in the Office of Admissions seven (7) calendar days prior to the first day of regular registration.

Applicants who fail to initiate an appeal to enroll or to acknowledge suspension or dismissal on Delgado's admission application are subject to dismissal without any refund of tuition paid.

Delgado does not assume responsibility for the interpretation of the term "audit" by other agencies.  Audited courses are not counted for consideration of full or part-time enrollment. Delgado does not assume responsibility of transferability of course(s) taken. 

Transfer applicants who are suspended for a second time for academic reasons from other accredited colleges or universities must remain out of school for the duration of the suspension and will not be allowed to enroll in any coursework at Delgado for the suspension term.

A copy of your transcript with grades from your last enrollment (student copy acceptable) or a copy of your last grade report must be attached to your petition request.  If the appeal is granted, official transcripts must be received by the admissions office within 30 days from the first day of class.