Transfer Student Admissions Information

Select  the link that best describes your admission status for specific admission requirments. A transfer applicant would fall into one of the following categories:

Transfer degree or certificate seeking student -A student who is taking courses for credit who intends to complete an associate degree or certificate program at Delgado Community College. 

Non-degree or non-certificate seeking student - A student who is eligible to take an unlimited number of credit courses for personal enrichment, job improvement or some reason other than a degree or certificate.

Special transfer student - A student admitted under this classification is one who has not attended a college or university in the last year. Applicants may take no more than a total of twelve semeter hours without completing regular admission requirements.

Summer visitors - Transfer applicants attending Delgado Community College for the summer only and returning to their home institution in the fall semester.

Transfer Suspension - A student who is currently suspended from another college/university.

Transfer International Student - A student who is on a Visa and is transferring from another college/university.

* Transfer applicants who have not enrolled in an accredited college or university for at least three calendar years may petition the Office of Admissions for academic amnesty.



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