Will my credits transfer?

Transfer credits from all regionally accredited colleges and universities are recorded on the student’s permanent academic records at Delgado Community College. Courses taken at institutions that are not accredited by regional associations are generally not accepted at Delgado. If you are transferring from a Louisiana state college or university please utilize the Louisiana Board of Regents Articulation system to determine transfer equivalencies of general education courses. Click here for more information: www.regents.state.la.us/articulation.html.

The acceptance of transfer credits to meet degree/certificate program requirements will be governed by the following guidelines:           

1.  A grade of “C” or better is required in courses in student’s major.

2.  Transfer equivalencies in developmental courses are used for placement if a grade of “C” or better is earned and the courses are not more than three years old.

3.  The acceptance of courses taken more than ten years prior to being admitted to Delgado Community College is determined by the Academic Division Dean.

4.  The acceptance of courses that are not equivalent to courses taught at Delgado Community College is determined by the Academic Division Dean.

5.  A transfer grade of “D” in English 101 must be validated by successful completion of the English Proficiency Examination.

6.  Acceptance of transfer credits earned through non-traditional sources are accepted with limitations.