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 We have a new process to gather student documents online at  If you are selected for Verification, you should receive an email from with instructions to begin the process.  Click on the Personalized URL link within that email to access the student portal and create your login and password.  Follow the instructions in the portal to submit the required documents.  You must complete all documentation before you can continue in the financial aid process.  The new student portal will allow us to process your  financial aid in a quicker manner.





 Welcome to Delgado Community College Financial Assistance site!

Our goal is to provide the BEST possible service to students and families who are in need of financial assistance to meet the  increasing cost of higher education. Delgado Community College believes that no student who wishes to pursue a college education should be denied that opportunity because of financial concerns . 

The following pages of this site are designed to assist students and families with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that arise regarding financial funding for college.

**Formal admission as a student is required before financial assistance can be offered. The student’s file is not considered to be complete and cannot be evaluated until the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (with DCC's school code 004626)  and ALL other requested documents have been submitted.


 Do You Know your Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress Status (SAP) for Fall 2014?

We have started processing SAP appeals for those students who have one or all of the following scenarios:

·         Withdrawn from a class which has now impacted your cumulative hours earned (less than 67%)

·         If you are currently on an academic plan but withdrew from a course this Spring 2014 semester

·         If your mid-term grades reflect a GPA lower than 1.75

DEADLINE: Students must submit the appeal to the Answer Center in Bldg. 2 Room 101 (City Park) or the respective campus financial aid office

Financial Aid Appeal Deadline:  August 4, 2014


Log into your LOLA Account and check your status!


Here’s How:

Go to

Enter your LOLA Username & Password

Select the Financial Aid Tab, then Select Eligibility

Select the Academic Progress Tab to view your status.

If your status reads any of the following descriptions listed below, then you must complete a Financial Aid Appeal. If you have already submitted an appeal and it was denied, you do not have to submit another appeal.  You may select this link for the Financial Aid Appeal’s Application: Delgado's Financial Aid Appeal Form . Please do not forget to also submit supporting documentation of your extenuating circumstance.

·         Fails SAP; MAX hrs, GPA, PACE

·         Not Meeting SAP; MAX hrs, PACE

·         Not Meeting SAP; GPA, PACE

·         Not Meeting SAP; GPA, Max hrs

·         Not Meeting SAP; PACE

·         Not Meeting SAP-exceeds Max Cr

·         Not Meeting SAP; GPA 

To view a copy of Delgado’s Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy select the link below: SAP POLICY