Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)


Am I eligible?
To be eligible for Federal Student Financial Aid at Delgado Community College, you must:
Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen.
Be accepted for admission and admitted to an eligible degree-seeking or certificate-seeking program at DCC.
Be enrolled for at least the minimum course load required for the requested aid program. All loan programs require an enrollment of at least halftime (6 credit hours). Audit classes do not count (TCA courses).
Meet and maintain all requirements under the DCC Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.
Not be in default on a prior student loan or owe a repayment on any Title IV aid.
Be registered for Selective Service if you are a male at least 18 years old who was born after January 1, 1979.
What is satisfactory academic progress?
Students must be in "good standing" academically, and enrolled in an eligible curriculum. Students must also maintain a cumulative overall GPA level and total earned hours/pursued hour’s ratio in accordance within the set standards in order to retain their financial aid eligibility.
How do I apply for financial aid and what is the FAFSA?
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the application for all federal and state aid programs, this includes loans and grants. You will need to indicate Delgado Community College (school code #004626) in the school release section of the application so that we may receive your file. In most cases if you are a dependent student, you and your parents will need to sign the application.
Where do I find the FAFSA and when should I complete it?
The FAFSA may be located and submitted on-line at You may also obtain a paper FAFSA from your high school guidance office or any local library. (The process is more streamlined if you submit your application on-line, however). If you have applied for aid in the previous year you may receive the Federal Renewal Application which should be updated and submitted instead of the FAFSA.
Is there a deadline for applying?
You may apply for financial aid any time after January 1 to use for the upcoming fall, spring and summer semesters. We recommend that your application be submitted no later than May 1 for fall enrollment and October 1 for spring-only enrollment. It is important that you complete the financial aid application process early enough each year so that your award will be in place prior to fee bill deadlines; otherwise, you will be responsible for payment of your fees by the due date.
Why should I apply early?
You are more likely to receive funds from all programs for which you are eligible as there are limited funds available in some of the Federal aid programs ie; Work Study. Also, you will help ensure that your financial aid will be credited to your account when your fee bill is due. Generally fee bills are submitted to you five weeks prior to the beginning of each semester. Applying early is always to your advantage 
Do I need to apply each year?
Yes. Each year you must file either the FAFSA or the Renewal FAFSA for the appropriate academic year. You must also maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to qualify for aid each year. Please refer to Satisfactory Academic Progress regulations on our website.

What happens after I complete my FAFSA?
You may be required to submit certain documents to verify the information you reported on your FAFSA. This may include, but is not limited to, copies of Federal tax returns, household size statements, and statements of untaxed income. These forms are to be submitted, upon request, to the DCC Office of Financial Assistance, not to the Federal processor. Your financial aid will not be complete until you have submitted the required documents.
How will I know if I’ve been awarded aid and how do I accept or decline it?
Once all requested documentation has been submitted to our office and your file has been processed; you will receive an email to the email address you provided during the application process. The email will notify you that your award letter is available on your LoLA account. Once you receive our notice you should accept or decline your award by loggin on to your LoLA account.
How is my “financial need” determined?
The Federal processor determines your individual family’s ability to contribute to the cost of your education (“Expected Family Contribution” or “EFC”) using the information you provide on the FAFSA. This figure is used solely for the determination of financial need and does not represent a figure you will owe the College or that the College owes you. The formula that is applied is referred to as “Federal methodology”. After receiving your EFC from the processor, the Office of Financial Assistance then subtracts that EFC from the Cost of Attendance to determine you need and the amount of aid you are eligible for. In essence, the formula is Cost of Attendance-EFC= Financial Need.
What is the Cost of Attendance?
The Cost of Attendance (COA) is the amount the College calculates or estimates that it will cost you to attend for the academic year. Costs includes: tuition/fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses. This figure is used solely for the determination of financial aid and does not represent a figure you will owe the College.