Standards of Academic Progress (SAP)

PLEASE NOTE:  Submitting an appeal does not guarantee that financial aid will be reinstated.  If the appeal is denied, the student must regain eligibility by attending at his/or her own expense and earning the appropriate cumulative GPA and meeting the Pace progression standards.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Credit-Hour Students Who are Recipients of Title IV, Student Financial Assistance (SFA)

In order to remain eligible to receive Title IV, Student Financial Assistance (SFA) program funds while attending Delgado Community College, a student must make steady progress toward the student’s chosen academic goal.

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Appeals Process

A student who fails to establish good academic standing or satisfactory academic progress (SAP) becomes ineligible for financial aid. If, the student has mitigating circumstances beyond his/her control that affected the ability to meet SAP, the student may appeal the loss of his/her eligibilty.

Some examples of the allowances that law may make for mitigating circumstances are:

  • Student becomes extremly ill or severly injured (a statement from physician on official letterhead verifying illness with aligning dates included. DO NOT SUBMIT BILLS.)

  • An immediate family member of student dies ( must provide death certificate or obituary.)