Human Resources and Professional Development

Message to Delgado Faculty and Staff:

The Office of Human Resources has undergone tremendous change since the implementation of several new systems that are required by the State to manage employee records, personnel and payroll information. The most challenging and transforming of those systems has been, of course, the statewide Banner system. The individuals working through the challenges of this system continue to do so with commitment to the needs of faculty and staff who directly serve our students. As we gradually are able to focus our efforts from troubleshooting this tremendous endeavor to the core services of professional development, employee relations and benefits support that we were hired to provide faculty and staff, this website will become more interactive and useful for the College.

Thank you for visiting. Stay tuned for instructions on how to navigate this site and use the self service features to come.

Location, contact information, and office hours:

615 City Park Avenue, Administration Building
New Orleans, LA  70119
(504) 762-3015 Main Office
(504) 361-6686 Fax

Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday
Following the College-wide Holiday Calendar

 Carla Major, Assistant Vice Chancellor (504) 762-3044

  • Employee Relations, Civil Service Appointing Authority
  • Organization Development, Performance Management
  • Policy, Legal Concerns

Charlene Pipkin, HR Generalist (504) 762-3003; cpipki@dcc.edu

  • Assistant to the AVC, scheduling and correspondence
  • Meeting planning, purchasing, and office management
  • Separations

M. Francine Miguel, Assistant Director of Human Resources, (504) 762-3043; mmigue@dcc.edu

  • Employee Relations and Performance Management
  • Classified Personnel Transactions: New Hires, Transfers and Separations
  • Acting Department Head in Absence of the Assistant Vice Chancellor 

Eliana Guedry, Civil Service Analyst B (504) 762-3037; ehoda@dcc.edu

  • Classified Employee Support
  • Classified Personnel Transactions: New Hires, Transfers and Separations

Benjamin Franklin, Employment & Training Manager (504) 762-3022; bfrank@dcc.edu

  • Unclassified Employee Support
  • Unclassified Personnel Transactions - New Hires and Transfers
  • Employee Training and Orientation

Desiree Singletary, Employment & Training Specialist (504) 762-3034; dsingl@dcc.edu

  • Unclassified Employee Support
  • Unclassified Personnel Transaction Support
  • Employee Training and Orientation Support

Debra Gilbert, Benefits & Retirement Manager (504) 762-3036; dgilbe@dcc.edu

  • All Employees - Retirement Support
  • TRSL & LASERS Retirement 
  • All Employees Benefit Support 

 Nadia Mingo, Benefits & Retirement Specialist (504) 762-3039; nmingo@dcc.edu

  • All Employees - Benefit and Retirement Support
  • Documentation Management and Imaging (ISIS, Banner, HRS)
  • Personnel Records History and Research

 Marie Moore, HR Technician (504)762-3095; mmoore1@dcc.edu

  • Direct Deposit
  • Change of address
  • Employee Verification
  • Daily HR Email Retrieval

Courtney Sharp, HRIS Analytics Manager (504) 762-3040; csharp@dcc.edu  

  • Compliance Reporting for Human Resources Data
  • HR Technology Support and Systems Administration

 Judson (David) Yeats, HRIS Analysis & Quality Assurance Specialist (504) 762-3041; dyeats@dcc.edu

  • HR Data Reporting