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What our Fall 2012 Graduates had to say ...


  Fantastic school.  Overall great experience!

I really enjoyed learning at Delgado WB.  The learning experience that I received at Delgado was beyond AWESOME.

The professors at DCC far exceeded my expectations_and THIS IS DCC's GREATEST ATTRIBUTE by far!

My instructors were wonderful.  The instructors were all understanding and considerate when I had my son in the fall of 2010.  I would like to give a special thanks to Ms. A. Anderson and Dean D. Berry for the phenomenal job they did with assisting me in making sure I graduated this semester.  If it weren't for them reviewing my transcripts and evaluating my situation I wouldn't be graduating this semester.

I would like to say thank you for all the teachers who supported me.  Overall_I have truly enjoyed my 16 mos at the Practical Nursing program on the Jefferson campus.  My instructors are great and encouraged me to press on.  I would recommend future nursing students to seek out their education there.

I really enjoyed my time at Delgado.

Delgado was a great place to begin my education.  Good School!

I really enjoyed my experience at Delgado through the good times and the bad I’m glad to have made it thus far to completion.

Delgado Community College was an exceptional college I attended.  The teachers always made sure their students retained the information instead of learning just to learn.  Everything was hands-on not only in the classrooms but in the differnt labs.  My experience attending Delgado was great!  I would recommend any/everyone to attend Delgado and receive on of the best hands-on training that would prepare you for your career.

I was overall satisfied with my experience at Delgado.

Throughout my journey at Delgado Community College_ I have tremendously enjoyed my courses as well as my professors.  Everyone has welcomed me with open arms and we have all grown closer together as friends.  This was a very good experience and although it must comet to an end and I will have to venture off and further my studies else where_ I know that Delgado will always be my personal foundation whenever I succeed with my career.  I hope to always cherish my memories here and will know I have enjoyed my time here as a Dolphin!  Geaux Delgado! :)

I would like to give THANKS to Ms. Kayla Smith_the Louisiana Transfer Degree advisor who did a wonderful job at advising and helping me reach this goal of graduating with my AA!  THANK YOU!!! 

I truly enjoyed my college years at Delgado Community College.  The campus is beautiful and the students were accepting and friendly.  The teachers and professors were great.

I wish Delgado was a four year school so I could get a four year degree from here.  Thanks for everything.

The Teacher of the year for me was Bob Warren.  He helped me to understand Computer Applications 224 when no one else could.  His patience and understanding went way beyond what any teacher has ever done.  He is my hero.

I enjoyed my journey at Delgado Community College _City Park and am glad that I chose to attend school here.

I don't plan on attending the graduation ceremony_ Delgado is a stepping stone to complete my 4 year degree.  Thanks for helping me realize my goal.

My overall experience has been a good one.      

Especially grateful to ALL the employees [student and staff] at both the Jefferson and City Park Campus!

I'm just excited that my dreams of becoming a nurse are finally coming true ....

I will continue to encourage those persons who I meet_to complete their POST-SECONDARY education_ in order to attain the knowledge-required_to be able to compete in today's workforce.  It's REALLY tough out there_despite my 25+ years of experience.  I am truly humbled by my experience at Delgado_ and am a "better" person_because of it.  THANK YOU_very much for all you've done for me.

I overall had a great experience at Delgado.

Overall Delgado is a pretty good school that I would recommend.

I love Delgado!  I feel this was a great start for me.  The teachers and tutors I have worked with are great.  I recommend Delgado to family and friends all the time!

I am very thankful for the instructors_professors_advisors_and the staff at Delgado West Bank and East Bank locations.  I am very proud of having the opportunity to graduate from such a fine community college.  Thanks for the opportunity!

Delgado is a good community college with good classes and great teachers who care about their students and are knowledgeable and interested in what they are teaching.

All the people I dealt with were courteous_helpful_and kind.  I would recommend Delgado as a "hidden treasure"!  Thanks to everyone! I very much enjoyed my education experience at Delgado!

I have really enjoyed my time here at Delgado Community College.  As far as my education goes I am very pleased.  I am very glad to say that I am a graduate of Delgado Community College of City Park.

Member of Mu Alpha Theta & Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.  It has been one heck of a ride that's for sure.  Can't wait to finally have it in my hands.

Planning to go to nursing school.

Delgado was a good experience overall.

Thank you Delgado.  This experience has given me the confidence to proceed with my education goals!

My time here_over all_ has been a good experience.  The majority of my instructors were well informed_helpful and pleasant.


The faculty of the rad program do an awesome job.  They are always willing to go the extra mile to help students succeed.

I have enjoyed coming to Delgado the drive has been the hardest thing for me but I feel blessed to have spent this time at a school that should be proud of the years it has educated people.  I will be proud to become a graduate of Delgado Community College.

The Radiology program has been one of the best learning experiences o my life!  The teachers are wonderful!  I'm very satisfied with the education and skills I have received from being in this program.

The overall educational experience was great.

Thank you Jesus this has been a long time coming_ I'm truly grateful.

Wonderful staff and program for radiologic technology.

Overall_ I think the education I got at Charity was very good.  I believe I will be a much better nurse because of coming here.  I would like to COMMEND Mrs. Manieri_ Mrs. Gauthier_ Mrs. Hanhart_ Mrs. Shoemake_ Dr. Evers and Mrs. Covington on making my experience at Charity a memorable one!  They are an amazing example of what instructors should be.  They went above and beyond anything the bare minimum of their job description called for and I am forever a better nurse because of them!

I had a wonderful experience at Delgado and the teachers and staff are amazing.

Great setup!  Very quick and easy to get through!

There is one word to describe my academic experience "Excellent".

I hae had a wonderful experience attending Delgado Community College.  I have found the staff & instructors to be helpful and dedicated to their professions.  I liked the fact that there wasn't any discrimination pertaining to race_ color or age (in my case).  Thanks for making my experience so special.

Delgado has been a wonderful school to continue my education.  It has fit my schedule in all semester I have been here.  I had the best teachers ever and would always recommend this school for continuing education.  I will miss this school and will always have them in my memories.  I'm so sad to leave.  Ya'll have been really great.  Thank you for the opportunity I have succeeded. 

My experience at DCC has been a pleasnt one.  I am thankful for the education provided by this institution.

I am grateful to all who have helped all of the class of 2012 to succeed and to get where we are!  Delgad was a great investment!

Overall_ DCC was a good educational experience.

My learning experience at Delgado Community College was a very good one_ it was so good that I am graduating before my daughter who has been at Delgado forever!  Congrats to me!.

I have learned and I have grown a lot during my time here at Delgado.  I would like to thank Ms. Deffendall and Ms. Hague for being in my corner and my mentors.  I also would like to thank Ms. Carol Gniady for giving me a chance.  It was a priviledge for me work on the 90th anniversary campaign and I am sure that Delgado has 90 more years of service to give to all the students attending this fine institution after me.

My learning experience here at Delgado Community College was great.  Faculty and stafff were helpful.

I am extremely pleased with the Respiratory program and its instructors.

I was impressed with the quality of the Massage Therapy program at DCC.  The teachers were well informed and good at communicating the information.  And it seems to be heading in a good direction.




What our Spring 2012 Graduates had to say ... 


  Extremely pleased with what I have learned in my program. It was organized well_ (you did have to hassle to register_ otherwise the classes filled up_ but I never had a problem with it personally) and I feel that its structure was well thought out by Mr. Walley. It is wrapping up nicely and hopefully it will provide me everything I need to start a successful internship in my career. I was also really pleased with the honors program. I feel that I gained that little extra that was offered to enhance my learning experience for my general education requirements. It's been a pleasure_ Delgado.

I enjoyed my experience at Delgado.

My overall experience at Delgado was great and I have definitely recommended the school to others.

Delgado is awesome!



I am very proud of myself of what I have accomplished and feel very blessed to be receiving 2 degrees on graduation day. I have put forth a major effort and now I can look forward to seeing what I have actually worked really hard for. I have done all this for my three beautiful children. I really cannot wait to get up on stage and just hold onto those degrees. Hopefully the tears won't be pouring out! I am very excited! Only a few more weeks to go! WOW! I would also like to thank all my instructors who have helped me advance to this point where I will eventually be receiving my degrees. It was not easy_ but having the best instructors possible made learning fun and understanding. I could have not asked for better instructors! Thank you to all!

I really enjoyed my experience at Delgado through the good times and the bad I’m glad to have made it thus far to completion.

I really enjoyed going to school here. I found the teachers wonderful and very accommodating.

The Delgado communication teachers Hague_ Dunn_ Louis_ and Richardson are some of the finest teachers. They have been so willing and available to help me in the four years that I have been here. If it hadn't have been for them and my math teacher Mrs. Kaplan_ I doubt I would have made it this far. They really helped me to find myself!

Delgado is a necessity to changing lives in our community. Thank you and I love this school!!


Delgado City Park campus overall has a good learning environment.

I'm satisfied with my experience at DCC.

Very satisfied with my experience at Delgado and my program instructors.

The education I received was great. My instructors were very knowledgeable and each worked with me to help me be successful. I truly believe the education I received has helped me become a better caregiver.

I really enjoy my experience at Delgado. The instructors were really helpful and encouraging.

Delgado's staff help me to get back on my feet after being out of school for almost 5 years. Thank you with all of my heart. You all challenged me but you also gave what I needed to achieve one of my goals. I’m going on to Charity where I will continue to achieve. God bless all of you.

I loved my time at Delgado. I had fantastic_ caring instructors who helped me achieve 4.0 gpa status throughout my time here. Mr. Coulon was a great advisor who continually helped steer me toward my goals. I will miss everyone here as I move on in my education. I would love to come back and teach here someday.

I had a bunch of amazing learning experiences at Delgado. I am so happy that I am moving forward!

My overall experience was great. I had some great teachers and some bad. Overall I enjoyed my time here.

I want to thank Delgado faculty and staff for the time spent at the West Bank campus. Thank you instructors for sharing your gift of teaching_ administration for keeping all paper work current_ janitorial staff-- for keeping the campus immaculate_ and learning resource staff-- for assistance in subject matter. Thank you.

Even though Delgado is a community college I feel as though I received the BEST education here. I’m happy overall with the decision I made to attend this college_ and to start of my education here.

Being a student of Delgado Community College has been an exciting experience. Thank you all!

I am very happy with the education and skills I received while attending Delgado.

I feel that DCC has provided me with the skills necessary to succeed as a manager of a business in the future. I have enjoyed my time at Delgado and would definitely tell people to look at it as an option when deciding where to attend.

I really enjoyed being a student at Delgado Community College. All the teachers I had were very helpful to me and made time to see me. I am taking two classes for the summer after that I will continue my education at UNO. I will miss all the faculty and staff at Delgado and I will recommend everyone to attend Delgado for their education.

This has been a good but very challenging experience for me. I am looking forward to graduating and moving forward with my career. Thanks Delgado!!

My entire experience at Delgado was a roller-coaster. I’d like to recognize two teachers who are very dedicated to their job and caring of their students_ Mrs. Yarbrough and Mrs. Green they make this school a better place. Thankful of Dean Puneky.

Delgado was a great experience for me_ I enjoyed the times I've had here making new friends_ and gaining a degree in which I can pursue more into with. I feel like I've accomplished my goals and am ready for the next step in my future!

My overall experience at Delgado has been great_ however a few minor improvements could make this an excellent campus. I have enjoyed studying here. Thanks!!!!

My experience at Delgado was very positive. I had excellent instructors and will highly recommend Delgado in the future.

Delgado was a learning process and a wonderful opportunity for me. It was a challenge because of my 20 years of being out of a learning environment. The only thing that I have to comment on concerning Delgado's encouragement for new enrollment would to tell the new comers to stay on top of their own progress because Delgado can only do so much. They need to know that their success depends on their hard work in all levels from classwork to getting needed documents fill out. This is my opinion and a request for Delgado just to tell and keep reminding the new comers they need to stay on top of their own success even if they need to keep repeating the same process over and over again until it’s satisfied. That's all I really have to comment on but I will say I had a wonderful learning experience at Delgado I was afraid of not completing and dropping out but the instructors I was given for my first semester really put something on my mind and that was that you can do this just put your mind in it.

Delgado is a good school to start your college career at. My experience was good_ I took half of my classes online. Overall_ I am glad I chose Delgado as my starting point for my college career but I will be VERY happy to move on to UNO.

Instructors like Ms. Gonzales ( eco 202) _ Ms. Wood ( Geol101)_ Ms. Gatzke (Acct)_ Ms. Lasky ( Acct)_ Mr. Moe ( Marketing) are knowledgeable and I was able to see their interest in being there and their knowledge. Out of all my instructors during my 2 years at Delgado these are the ones that really are professors. Prepare_ ready_ never lose students work_ you can count with them.

I have had awesome teachers both in class and online. Notably Beth Lasky_ Mel Graziano_ Matthew Estrade_ and Dennis Worsham. These teachers rose above the standard in their commitment to ensuring their students not only knew the material but understood it and had the ability to apply it in their everyday life. These teachers motivated me to work hard_ study hard_ and succeed. Overall I loved my experience at Delgado. If I should decide to seek another degree_ there is a high probability that I will return to Delgado to do so.

I have truly enjoyed my time at Delgado Community College and once it’s done I will truly miss the teachers that I have come to know.


Delgado was a great stepping-stone to my career choice. The amount of activities_ including the job-fairs was very helpful for me_ and very much appreciated.

I've enjoyed my stay here. Just wish that it was a 4yr college.

The Art department is truly a great asset to Delgado and I could not speak more highly of their professionalism and dedication to my education.

I am a Practical Nursing student at the Jefferson technical site. Overall I was very satisfied with the instructors and the resources that were available to me.

Overall_ I had a great experience at Charity!

Overall my experience was great. Possibly continuing my education here at Delgado Community College School of Nursing RN program.

Thank you and goodbye!!!!!!!!

I am proud of my experience and education I have received here at Delgado. The faculty and staff are truly amazing and have impacted my life in a way that have inspired me to continue to set goals and strive to be a better person. I am so grateful to the community of Delgado for its enlightenment_ it makes me want to encourage others to share in the excitement as well. My only wish for Delgado is for it to be a four year institution so that I can get my bachelor's degree then I could extend my stay. Thank you Delgado, for an experience that shall last a lifetime!

I never graduated from high school_ so I have a GED. I never thought I would ever be able to say I walked across a stage for a graduation. I will be able to say that now_ and my family will be able to say it also. Everybody in my family and friends are proud of me. I'm proud of myself and enjoyed learning from my instructors at Delgado and I will continue to attend_ so I could walk that stage again.

It was a long journey to get this degree. I'm excited this journey is coming to an end. I am 40 and will have my degree. Thank you to all my teachers_ they were all very helpful.

I have worked in my field of study for 5 years now. I'm at my second job working as a electronics technician. With the education from Delgado_ I can look forward to more opportunities if I wanted to in my field of work with my experience and education.

Had a great experience here at Delgado and I look forward to continuing my education.

I was very surprised by what I got from my experiences from Delgado. In the Architecture program_ we are doing things that top universities are not. Delgado has definitely prepared me to transfer over to a university.

My time spent with Delgado was great.

I have had a wonderful experience at DCC.

I have really enjoyed attending school here. I had so many detours in my life_ but through God I have finally made it.

My educational time at Delgado was very rewarding.

My time spent with Delgado_was great.