We serve the College community of Delgado by supporting a culture of evidence, a climate of innovation, and a commitment to continuous quality improvement.



  • To support a culture of evidence, experience, and trust

  • To foster and model innovation

  • To manage organizational knowledge and information

  • To provide direction, guidance, and services that facilitate the student life cycle 


Supporting Units

-Institutional Research


To work with campus and school administrators, faculty, students, and community representatives to:

  • Increase the effective use of evidence to make decisions and the documentation of that process.

  • Improve processes for collecting and using data.

  • Develop framework for strategic planning through defining the student life cycle.

  • Develop a framework for exchanging organizational knowledge.

  • Improve planning processes.

  • Strengthen capabilities in teaching and learning.

  • Enable all academic and administrative units to develop mission, vision, and goals statements aligned with those of the campus.

  • Provide leadership, consultation, and resources to support campus and unit-level planning strategies and the evaluation of effectiveness measures and goals.

  • Continuously improve effectiveness of all personnel and services.