Parking Regulations

1. You must have a parking permit to park on the City Park Campus at all times (day, evening, and weekends).  Fill out and print your vehicle registration form online, then take it to the Bursar's office in Building 2 to pay for and receive your decal.  Click here to view Delgado's Parking Regulations.

2. Permits must be permanently affixed directly onto the driver's side rear windshield of your vehicle.

WARNING!!!  Attempting to affix the parking permit to a hot surface will damage the permit rendering it un-useable. If you damage the permit through such negligence, you will not receive a refund or a replacement permit. 

3. Delgado Community College honors valid parking permits issued by the College, University of New Orleans, Nunez Community College and Southern University at New Orleans.

4. Students can park only in designated yellow parking spaces (Between two yellow lines, unless otherwise designated by signage).

5. Faculty and staff can park only in designated white parking spaces.  (Between two white lines, unless otherwise designated by signage).

6.Individuals operating vehicles with a valid handicap license plate or placard and a Delgado parking permit can park in any handicapped parking spaces. If there are no handicapped parking spaces available, they can park in any legal parking space. (No fire lanes or roadways)

7. Parking is not allowed next to, or near fire hydrants, next to buildings in a roadway, non-striped parking spaces, or on the grass unless otherwise noted.

8. If your registered vehicle is not operable, you can request a temporary parking permit from the campus police office at no charge.  Bring your parking permit (decal) number and the vehicle registration for the vehicle in which you are requesting the permit.

9. If you call for your vehicle to be towed from the campus, notify campus police immediately.  Unless the campus police office receives authorization from the owner that the vehicle needs to be removed from the campus by use of a tow truck that vehicle will not be allowed to be towed from the campus.

10. Parking permits are registered to the vehicle for which they were purchased only.  Permits cannot be transferred.  If you acquire a new vehicle before your permit expires, you must purchase a new permit for that vehicle.

11. If you receive a citation, you must either pay the fine or request an appeal (for students) or request a waiver (for faculty and staff) within five (5) working days of receiving the citation.  Failure to respond within this time frame prohibits you from requesting an appeal.

12. Visitors must either mail citation or bring them to the bursar's officer (Building 2).  You must write on the citation who and where you visited, and the purpose of your visit.