Safety Tips




By working together, all of us can help to keep Delgado a safe place to learn, work and play.  Call the Campus Police Department if:

  • You see a crime being committed.

  • You are a victim of a crime.

  • You see suspicious persons or activities.

  • You want to report unsafe conditions on college property.

  • You want an escort to your vehicle.

  • You feel unsafe for any reason.

  • You need police assistance for any reason.


To report an emergency

call 671-6111, for all non-emergencies call 671-6112



Officers are ready to assist you with an escort during college hours.

You can help keep yourself and others safe by taking these precautions:
  • Be alert. Stay aware of your surroundings and watch for danger.

  • Walk with a friend, especially after dark.  Use lighted pathways on campus.

  • Install home and car alarms.  Carry a whistle or personal alarm.

  • Lock your car. Do not leave packages inside your car where they may be seen.

  • Mark your valuables with an electric engraver.

  • Keep your purse or wallet out of sight, preferably locked in a desk drawer.

  • Be cautious around strangers. Never accept rides from persons you do not know.

  • Teach your children how to be safe and to tell you if anyone is bothering them.

  • Report all emergencies, crimes and suspicious persons on campus to the campus police.