Academic Policies

 Policies related to academic affairs, teaching and learning.


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Internal/Departmental Policies & Procedures Faculty Resource Guide (Faculty Handbook)
Academic Procedures Guide
Academic Advising
Delgado Distance Learning (E Learning) Policies and Procedures

LCTCS Academic Policies

 Academic Procedures Guide
Academic Advising
Academic Appeals
Academic Status
Change of Student Record
Credit for Prior Learning (Non-Traditional Credit)
Cross Enrollment
•       Distance Learning (E Learning) Procedures
General Studies Degree Plan
Grade Changes
Graduation and Program Completion Procedures
•       Institutional Review Board Procedures
•       Required Drop Due to Non-Attendance Prior to Official 14th/7th Class Day
Substantive Change Notification Procedures

Academic Affairs Policy and Procedures Memoranda
AA-1210.1F      Planning and Assessment
AA-1210.2Y      Operational Guidelines
AA-1271.1A      Changes to Approved Schedule of Classes
AA-1273.1A      Determination of College Catalog for Graduation Requirements
AA-1410.3        Day One Guarantee
AA-1414.1A      Graduation with Honors
AA-1431.3        Academic Advising
--- Academic Advising Procedures Guide
AA-1438.1        Articulation Agreements with Other Institutions
AA-1440.1A      Student Course Load
AA-1440.3A      Discontinued Major
AA-1440.4B      Academic Appeals Procedures
AA-1441.1A      Dropping Classes/Withdrawing from the College
AA-1442.1B      Students in Cancelled Classes
AA-1442.3         Evaluation of Transfer Credit
AA-1443.1A      Withholding Transcripts
AA-1447.1D      Academic Diplomas and Certificates of Completion
•    AA-1447.2         Honorary Degrees
•    AA-1451.1B      Library Collection Development
•    AA-1455.1        Computer Learning Laboratories
•    AA-1502.2A      Field Trips
•    AA-1502.3A      Minimum Class Size
•    AA-1503.1A      Master Syllabus
•    AA-1504.1B      Textbook/Course Materials Adoption
•    AA-1510.1A      The College Curriculum
•    AA-1513.1A      Distance Learning
•    AA-1620.1C     Charter: Council on Planning and Assessment
•    AA-1620.2        Charter: Committee on College Catalog
•    AA-1620.3A      Charter: Committee on Program Review
•    AA-1620.4A      Charter: Committee on General Education Assessment
•    AA-1621.1C     Charter: Committee on Faculty Evaluation & Improvement of Instruction
•    AA-1622.1D     Charter: Committee on Curriculum
•    AA-1625.1D     Charter: Committee on Academic and Admission Standards
•    AA-1625.2        Charter: Committee on Academic Articulation
•    AA-1630.1        Charter: Committee on Commencement
•    AA-1631.2A      Charter: Committee on Instructional Technology
•    AA-1634.1        Charter: Committee on Faculty and Staff Professional Development
•    AA-1637.1        Charter: Committee on Excellence in Teaching
•    AA-1638.1        Charter: Committee on Community Engagement (formerly Service Learning)
•    AA-1639.2       Charter: Institutional Review Board
•    AA-1650.1        Advisory Committees
•    AA-2122.2C     Workload Requirements for Full-Time Faculty
•    AA-2122.3A      End-of-Semester Checkout
                           --- End-of-Semester Checkout Form (Form 2122/002)
•    AA-2122.4H     Professional and Educational Requirements for Faculty
•    AA-2123.1E     Staffing for Summer Session
                           --- Summer Session Pay Scale
•    AA-2150.2        Academic Freedom
•    AA-2150.4        Faculty Responsibility and Authority in Academic Governance Matters
•    AA-2220.1C     Faculty Evaluation and Improvement of Instruction
•    AA-2230.1E     Seymour Weiss Excellence in Teaching Award
•    AA-2230.2A      Endowed Professorship Award
•    AA-2230.3        Emeritus Titles
•    AA-2321.1I       Promotion-in-Rank
                           --- Promotion Process Guidelines
--- Promotion-In-Rank Forms and Related Procedures
•    AA-2321.2        Meritorious Commendation
                          ---  Meritorous Commendation Award Specifications
•    AA-2322.1        Salary Considerations for Limited Appointment Faculty
•    AA-2420.1C     Released Time
•    AA-2534.1B     Grievance Procedures for Teaching Faculty, Librarians & Academic Counselors with Rank
•    AA-2610.1        Emergency Care for Injured Allied Health & Nursing Clinical/Practicum Students
•    AA-6311.1B     Mini-grants
•    AA-6312.1A      Professional Development Presenter Grants 

LCTCS Related Policies  
   •    LCTCS Policy 1.016    LCTCS Cross Enrollment Policy
   •    LCTCS Policy 1.036    Cross Enrollment Between System Institutions
   •    LCTCS Policy 1.038    Rights, Duties and Responsibilities of the Academic Staff 
   •   LCTCS Policy 1.042     Intellectual Property and Shared Royalties 
                        --- Delgado Copyright Compliance Policy (See Delgado Library's Copy right Website)
   •   LCTCS Policy 3.002     Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Participating in Electronically-Supported Instruction
   •    LCTCS Policy 6.003    Leave Record Establishment and Regulations for All Unclassified, 
                                                     Non-Civil Service Employees