Academic Policies

 Policies related to academic affairs, teaching and learning.


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Internal/Departmental Policies & Procedures Faculty Resource Guide (Faculty Handbook)
Academic Procedures Guide
Academic Advising
Delgado E Learning Policies

LCTCS Academic Policies

 Academic Procedures Guide
Academic Advising
Academic Appeals
Academic Status
Change of Student Record
•       Credit for Prior Learning (Non-Traditional Credit)
Cross Enrollment
Establishment and Approval of Online Degree Programs
General Studies Degree Plan
Grade Changes
Graduation and Program Completion Procedures
•       Repeat/Delete
•       Required Drop Due to Non-Attendance Prior to Official 14th/7th Class Day
Substantive Change Notification Procedures

Academic Affairs Policy and Procedures Memoranda
•    AA-1210.1F      Planning and Assessment
•    AA-1210.2Y      Operational Guidelines
•    AA-1271.1A      Changes to Approved Schedule of Classes
•    AA-1273.1A      Determination of College Catalog for Graduation Requirements
•    AA-1410.3        Day One Guarantee
•    AA-1414.1A      Graduation with Honors
•    AA-1431.3        Academic Advising
                           --- Academic Advising Procedures Guide
•    AA-1438.1        Articulation Agreements with Other Institutions
•    AA-1440.1A      Student Course Load
•    AA-1440.3A      Discontinued Major
•    AA-1440.4B      Academic Appeals Procedures
•    AA-1441.1A      Dropping Classes/Withdrawing from the College
•    AA-1442.1B      Students in Cancelled Classes
•    AA-1442.3         Evaluation of Transfer Credit
•    AA-1443.1A      Withholding Transcripts
•    AA-1447.1D      Academic Diplomas and Certificates of Completion
•    AA-1447.2         Honorary Degrees
•    AA-1451.1B      Library Collection Development
•    AA-1455.1        Computer Learning Laboratories
•    AA-1502.2A      Field Trips
•    AA-1502.3A      Minimum Class Size
•    AA-1503.1A      Master Syllabus
•    AA-1504.1B      Textbook/Course Materials Adoption
•    AA-1510.1A      The College Curriculum
•    AA-1513.1A      Distance Learning
•    AA-1620.1C     Charter: Council on Planning and Assessment
•    AA-1620.2        Charter: Committee on College Catalog
•    AA-1620.3A      Charter: Committee on Program Review
•    AA-1620.4A      Charter: Committee on General Education Assessment
•    AA-1621.1C     Charter: Committee on Faculty Evaluation & Improvement of Instruction
•    AA-1622.1D     Charter: Committee on Curriculum
•    AA-1625.1D     Charter: Committee on Academic and Admission Standards
•    AA-1625.2        Charter: Committee on Academic Articulation
•    AA-1630.1        Charter: Committee on Commencement
•    AA-1631.2A      Charter: Committee on Instructional Technology
•    AA-1634.1        Charter: Committee on Faculty and Staff Professional Development
•    AA-1637.1        Charter: Committee on Excellence in Teaching
•    AA-1638.1        Charter: Committee on Community Engagement (formerly Service Learning)
•    AA-1639.2       Charter: Institutional Review Board
•    AA-1650.1        Advisory Committees
•    AA-2122.2C     Workload Requirements for Full-Time Faculty
•    AA-2122.3A      End-of-Semester Checkout
                           --- End-of-Semester Checkout Form (Form 2122/002)
•    AA-2122.4H     Professional and Educational Requirements for Faculty
•    AA-2123.1E     Staffing for Summer Session
                           --- Summer Session Pay Scale
•    AA-2150.2        Academic Freedom
•    AA-2150.4        Faculty Responsibility and Authority in Academic Governance Matters
•    AA-2220.1C     Faculty Evaluation and Improvement of Instruction
•    AA-2230.1E     Seymour Weiss Excellence in Teaching Award
•    AA-2230.2A      Endowed Professorship Award
•    AA-2230.3        Emeritus Titles
•    AA-2321.1I       Promotion-in-Rank
                           --- Promotion Process Guidelines
--- Promotion-In-Rank Forms and Related Procedures
•    AA-2321.2        Meritorious Commendation
                          ---  Meritorous Commendation Award Specifications
•    AA-2322.1        Salary Considerations for Limited Appointment Faculty
•    AA-2420.1C     Released Time
•    AA-2534.1B     Grievance Procedures for Teaching Faculty, Librarians & Academic Counselors with Rank
•    AA-2610.1        Emergency Care for Injured Allied Health & Nursing Clinical/Practicum Students
•    AA-6311.1B     Mini-grants
•    AA-6312.1A      Professional Development Presenter Grants 

LCTCS Related Policies  
   •    LCTCS Policy 1.016    LCTCS Cross Enrollment Policy
   •    LCTCS Policy 1.036    Cross Enrollment Between System Institutions
   •    LCTCS Policy 1.038    Rights, Duties and Responsibilities of the Academic Staff 
   •   LCTCS Policy 1.042     Intellectual Property and Shared Royalties 
                        --- Delgado Copyright Compliance Policy (See Delgado Library's Copy right Website)
   •   LCTCS Policy 3.002     Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Participating in Electronically-Supported Instruction
   •    LCTCS Policy 6.003    Leave Record Establishment and Regulations for All Unclassified, 
                                                     Non-Civil Service Employees