Administrative Policies

Policies related to administrative, non-financial operational matters.


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Internal/Departmental Policies & Procedures
LCTCS Facilities Policies

•   AD-1220.2         Policy & Procedures Development, Review,
                                         and Approval

                                -- College Policy & Procedures Flowchart
                                -- Internal/Departmental Policy Flowchart   
•   AD-1240.2A        Records Retention Program
•   AD-1410.1A       Repair of Personal Property
•   AD-1468.1         Persons with Disabilities
•   AD-1623.2A       Charter: Committee on Multiculturalism and Diversity
•   AD-1823.1A       Internet Web Pages
•   AD-4223.1         Public Service
•   AD-4310.1A       On-Campus Events & Functions
•   AD-4310.1A       Naming Policy
•   AD-4320.1         External Public Relations
                               -- Delgado Graphic Standards Guide
                               -- Delgado Social Media Guidelines
                               -- Delgado Procedures for Ordering Business Cards, Letterhead and Printed Envelopes
                               -- Internet Web Pages Policy
                               -- Public Relations and Marketing Office Web Page
                               -- LCTCS Policy #6.027 Internal and External Communications
•   AD-6310.1D      Office of Grants Development: Grants Proposal Preparation, 
                                        Approval Process and Management