Business/Financial Policies

Policies related to financial operations.


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Internal/Departmental Policies/Procedures
Tuition and Fees Policies and Information
Office of State Purchasing
Office of State Travel
LCTCS Finance Policies

   •    BA-1260.1      Internal Control System
   •    BA-1260.2      Internal Auditing
   •    BA-1260.3A    Reporting & Handling Fiscal/Related Misconduct
   •    BA-1320.1      Auxiliary Services
   •    BA-1380.1D   Professional Leave and Travel
                      --- Delgado Travel Procedures
                      --- Field Travel Procedures
                      --- Airfare Reservation Steps
                      --- Travel Forms
   •     BA-1710.2      Legal Counsel
   •    BA-3050.1A    Donations of Movable Property
   •    BA-3300.1A    Purchasing Procedures
   •    BA-3300.3      Purchasing Card Program
                      --- Purchasing Card Procedures
                      --- Purchasing Card Instructions on Entering Requisitions in WORKS Program
                      --- Purchasing Card Instructions on Signing-Off on Transactions in WORKS Program
   •    BA-3311.1C   Contracts for Professional, Personal, Consulting and Social Services
   •    BA-6313.1      Fundraising and Solicitation 

Business/Financial Directives Issued

  •   Directive Regarding Employee Contracts and Timesheets - Issued May, 2011

Business/Financial Policies Published in College Catalog

   •   Refund of Tuition and Fees Policy (as published in the catalog)
                      --- Refund Request Form
   •    Dolphin Card System Fee Policy (as published in the catalog)

LCTCS Related Policies

  •    LCTCS Policy 2.012    Student Referenda
  •    LCTCS Policy 5.021    Hardship Waivers of Tuition and Fees
  •    LCTCS Policy 5.024     Recoupment of Overpayments
  •    LCTCS Policy 5.025    Tuition Discounts and Waivers  
  •    LCTCS Policy 6.003    Leave Record Establishment and Regulations for All Unclassified, Non-Civil Service Employees