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Travel Procedures

   •    Delgado Travel Procedures
          --- Field Travel Procedures  
          --- Airline Reservation/ Fare Payment Steps 
                   (Online Reservations with Short's Travel) 
         --- Lodging Reservation Steps (Online Reservations with 

Forms to Authorize/Request Travel

   •    Professional Leave and Travel Request Form (Form 1380/001)
   •    Authorization for Special Travel Circumstances (Form 1380/004) 
   •    Certification of Employee Routine Field Travel Form (Form 1380/003)
   •    Vehicle Rental Request Form (Form 1380/005)
   •    Holds Harmless Agreement (State of Louisiana Form)
   •    Carl Perkins Travel Request Form (for Carl Perkins travelers only) 

Forms/Resources to Use When Traveling 

   •    Hotel Lodging Sales/Use Tax Exemption Form (State of Louisiana Form)
   •    State Travel Tips for Reserving Hotel Accommodations and Checking In 

Forms to Request Reimbursement

   •    Travel Expense Account Form (Form 1380/002) - Attach Form A or Form B:
           •   Field Travel Expenses Form A (Form 1380/002A)
               --- Standard Mileage Chart
           •   Conference Travel Expenses Form B (Form 1380/002B)   

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