Human Resources Policies

Policies related to human resources, employment, and
personnel operations.


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Employee Handbook (HR-2130.1):
    •     Section 1: Human Relations at the College
    •     Section 2: Employment Standards
    •     Section 3: Employee Categories and Benefits
    •     Section 4: Payroll Information
    •     Section 5: Professional Development 
    •     Section 6: Performance Evaluation
    •     Section 7: Changes in Employment Status
    •     Section 8: Resolving Conflicts in the Workplace
    •     Section 9: Adherence to College and System Policies

Human Resources Policies and Procedure Memoranda:
•    HR-1412.2D   Employee Tuition Exemption/Reduction Program        
•    HR-1660.1      Charter: Delgado Unclassified Professional Association
•    HR-1660.2      Charter: Delgado Classified Employees Association
          --- Delgado Classified Employees Association Bylaws
•    HR-2100.3      Employee Handbook
•    HR-2122.5      Employment Procedures for Full-Time,
                                    Benefits-Eligible Unclassified Faculty and Staff

•    HR-2130.1      Civil Service Appointing Authority, Certification &
                                    Internal Control

•    HR-2320.1      Salary Adjustments for Advanced Graduate Study
•    HR-2320.3A      Classified Staff Awards & Recognition Program
•    HR-2410.1C   Compensatory Leave for Unclassified

•    HR-2533.1      Record Searches for Employment Purposes
•    HR-2532.1      Employee Drug Testing
•    HR-2534.2      Grievance Procedures for Unclassified Administrators and Staff
•    HR-2600.1A     Hospitalization and Life Insurance Interim Coverage
•    HR-4310.3A     Responsible Employee Use of Alcohol at College Functions  

Delgado-Related Directives

  •   Directive Regarding Employee Contracts and Timesheets - Issued May, 2011    

LCTCS-Related Policies  

•    LCTCS Policy 6.003    Leave Record Establishment and Regulations for All Unclassified, Non-Civil Service Employees 
   LCTCS Policy 6.008  Consensual Relationships
•    LCTCS Policy 6.009  Nepotism
•    LCTCS Policy 6.014    Discipline for All Employees
•    LCTCS Policy 6.016    Employment Relationship for All Employees
•    LCTCS Policy 6.018   Outside Employment of LCTCS Employees
•    LCTCS Policy 6.024   Recoupment of Overpayments
•    LCTCS Policy 6.025  Code of Conduct
•    LCTCS Policy 6.026    Financial Exigency/Reduction in Force
•    LCTCS Policy 6.027   LCTCS Rewards and Recognition Program
•    LCTCS Policy 6.030    Drug Free Workplace
•    LCTCS Policy 6.032    Search Committees in Hiring