Employee Handbook

In accordance with the Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS) Code of Conduct policy, Delgado employees are responsible for adhering to all College and System policies and procedures in any form. Formal College and System policies and procedures are on the Delgado Policies Webpage and the LCTCS Policies Webpage.

Delgado employees must also adhere to the guidelines and rules of all regulating agencies or entities having jurisdiction over College and System activities, as well as all federal, state, and municipal laws and ordinances. As a convenience to employees, pertinent College policies are provided as follows:                                                 

Section 1: Human Relations at the College    
    Promoting Positive Human Relations
     Equal Access Equal Opportunity Policy

Section 2: Employment Standards
    Performance Standards
    Time and  Attendance Records
    Reporting to Work in an Acceptable Condition
    Standards of Conduct

Section 3: Employee Categories and Benefits
    Insurance Benefits
    Leave Guidelines and Policy
    Employee Tuition Exemption/Reduction Program
    Retirement Benefits 

Section 4: Payroll Information
    Payroll Schedule
    Payroll Frequency
    Salary-Deferred Payback
    Withholding Taxes
    Retirement Contributions

Section 5: Professional Development
    Recognition of Academic and Professional Development
    Professional Leave and Travel
    College-Sponsored Workshops, Seminars and Training

Section 6: Performance Evaluation
    Performance Evaluation of Unclassified Staff
    Performance Evaluation of Faculty
    Performance Evaluation of Classified Staff

Section 7: Changes in Employment Status
    Faculty Mobility
    Unclassified Staff Mobility
    Classified Staff Mobility
    Suspension/ Termination
    Staff Reduction/ Financial Exigency

Section 8: Resolving Conflicts in the Workplace
    Grievance Procedures
    Sexual Harassment
    Persons with Disabilities
    Violence in the Workplace

Section 9: Adherence to College and System Policies
    Adherence to College and System Policies
    Employment Outside the College Setting
    Drug-Free College (See Alcohol and Drug Prevention Program.)
    Information Technology Security (Proper Usage of Technology Resources, Internet and Email)
    Hazardous Material
    Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery
    Smoking Policy
    Parking and Driving Regulations
    Use of Buildings, Equipment and Supplies
    Reporting Unclean or Unsafe Conditions
    Lost or Stolen Property
    Relocation of Property
    College Functions
    Driver Safety Program/Use of College Vehicles 

For information on other College policies, employees should contact their supervisor or go to the Delgado Policies Webpage



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