Safety Policies

Policies related to public safety, protection of resources, and risk management.


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Internal/Departmental Policies & Procedures
Safety Forms
College-wide Emergency Plans
College-wide Emergency Procedures
Hurricane Emergency College-wide Plan

Employee Safety Responsibilities
Employee Safety Rules
Safety Meeting Requirements
Driver Safety (Defensive Driving) Training
Delgado Authorized Driver Safety Program

Preventing Workplace Harassment Training
Lockout/Tagout Training
Hazard Communication Training
Material Safety Data Sheets Training
OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Training
OSHA Personal Protective Equipment Training
State of Louisiana Ethics Training

•    SF-1331.1E     Parking and Driving Regulations
•    SF-1352.1F     Management and Control of State Property
                         --- Property Management and Control Procedures
•    SF-1370.1A    Access Control Procedures
•    SF-1370.2       Comprehensive Safety Program
•    SF-1370.3D    Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery
•    SF-1373.1C    Work Environment Safety Program 
                        ---  Accident Reporting Route
                        ---  Glass Claim Incident Reporting Procedure
•    SF-1373.3A    Control of Hazardous Materials
•   SF-1373.5D  Tobacco-Free College (effective August 1, 2014)
•    SF-1373.6       Bloodborne Pathogens: Exposure 
                                       Control Plan (ECP)

•    SF-1373.7      Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program
•    SF-1382.1A   Driver Safety Program
•    SF-1733.1A   Violence in the Workplace
                       --- Violent Incident Reporting Route
•    SF-2530.1A    Drug-Free College

Related Policies

   •   AA-2610.1   Emergency Care for Injured Allied Health and
                          Nursing Practicum Students

   •   Classroom Disruption Procedures (as published in Student Judicial Code policy)
   •   Student Threat Assessment Procedures (as published in Student Judicial Code policy)

 Related LCTCS Policy 

•    LCTCS Policy 6.030     Drug Free Workplace