Student Policies

Policies related to students, student development, activities,
and student-related operations.


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Refund of Tuition and Fees Policy (in catalog)
Tuition and Fees Policies and Information
Persons with Disabilities Policy
Discrimination Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy
Reservists & National Guard Mobilization/Activation
Academic Advising
Scholarships & Awards Policy (in catalog)
LCTCS Student Services Policies 

   •    SA-1422.4C     Admission Requirements for First-Time

   •    SA-1422.5        Admission Requirements for Transfer,
                                          Visitor & Re-Admit Students

   •    SA-1422.6        Admission Requirements for Students in 
                                           High School

   •    SA-1430.1B     Administration of Educational and Professional 
                                          Contract Tests

   •    SA-1431.2        Career Development Services
   •    SA-1442.2B     Student Records
   •    SA-1448.1D     Student Judicial Code - Rights, Responsibilities,
                                         and Disciplinary Procedures

                      --- Student Judicial Code's "Classroom
                                        Disruption Procedures"

                      --- Student Judicial Code's "Student Threat
                                       Assessment Procedures"

   •    SA-1462.1        Student Employment Services
   •    SA-1465.1        Health Services
   •    SA-1467.1A      Veterans Affairs
   •    SA-1470.1C      Student Organizations
   •    SA-1471.1E      Student Government Associations
   •    SA-1472.1A       Athletic Events
   •    SA-1472.2A       Athletic Department Grievance Procedures
   •    SA-1475.1C      Alcoholic Beverages at Student Functions
   •    SA-1476.1         Student Media
   •    SA-1478.1         Student Representation on Committees
   •    SA-1479.1         Hazing
   •    SA-1480.1         Limitation of Solicitation of Students by Credit Card Issuers
   •    SA-1626.1D      Charter: Committee on Scholarships and Financial Assistance
   •    SA-1632.1         Charter: Committee on Athletics
   •    SA-1640.3         Charter: Committee on Special Needs and Health Services
   •    SA-1640.4         Charter: Committee on College Campus Ministry
   •    SA-1640.5         Charter: Committee on Student Organizations, Activities and Intramurals
   •    SA-1837.1B       Student Technology Enhancement Program (STEP) Fee Proposals
   •    SA-2530.2A       Student Grievance Procedures        

 LCTCS Related Policies

   •    LCTCS Policy 2.005     Student Organizations