Resources and Publications

The Public Relations and Marketing Office provides the following resources and publications that serve as guides, plans, standards, and information that facilitate communications for faculty and staff, as well as help you make the most of the assistance we can provide.

For instance, the Graphic Standards Guide gives an outline of services available through our office, and the downloadable Work Order is designed to make it easy for you to complete the required paperwork. Also, the next time you’d like a photograph or logo for a presentation, webpage, or document, you can peruse and use something from our Photo Gallery and Logos sections. In addition, all of the College’s official publications published by or coordinated through the Public Relations and Marketing Office are provided here for your convenience.

For your interest and consideration, please note that a strong visual identity helps to unify and strengthen Delgado Community College as an institution of academic excellence. This is important in attracting high quality students and faculty. It is for this reason that all publications representing the College to off-campus entities must come through the Public Relations and Marketing Office. From the College Catalog, which serves as the official guidebook for Delgado students, to the many printed documents that communicate with the general public, the Public Relations and Marketing staff is extraordinarily adept at creating showcase pieces for the College.

All of the following publications are downloadable in PDF format. However, some may not be formatted to print on a 8.5” x 11” printer.

Chancellor’s Office:

Chancellor’s Report (2006/2007)
Chancellor’s Report (2005)
Strategic Focus (2007-2008)
Strategic Focus (2006-2007)
Strategic Plan 5yr (2011-2016)
Right to the Point Booklet (2005)
College of 1st Choice Flyer

Academic / Student Affairs:

Credit Course Schedule (Summer/Fall 2007)
Student Handbook (Summer/Fall 2007)
College Catalog (2007-2008)
College Catalog (2006-2007)
College Catalog (2005-2006)
Credit Course Schedule (Spring 2007)
Credit Course Schedule (Fall 2006)
Credit Course Schedule (Summer 2006)
Student Handbook (Fall 2006)
Student Handbook (Summer 2006)
Non-Credit Course Schedule (Fall 2006)
Non-Credit Course Schedule (Summer 2006)
Non-Credit Course Schedule (Spring 2007)
High School View Book (2005)
Learning Centered Brochure (2006)
Learning Communities Brochure (2005)
Designs for Learning Brochure (2006)
Articulation Brochure (2007)
QEP Brochure (2007)
QEP Brochure (2005)

Program Brochures:

Ford ASSET Brochure (2006)
Ford YAATC Brochure (2006)
GM ASEP Brochure (2006)
Tech Prep Brochure (2006)
Tech Prep / Entrepreneurship Brochure (2006)
Tech Prep / Signature School Brochure (2005)

Public Relations and Marketing Office:

NetWorks Newsletter (All Archives)
Katrina Chronicles
Delgado Directions Magazine (Fall 2006)
Delgado Directions Magazine (Fall 2007)
Crisis Communications Plan
Graphic Standards Guide
Social Media Guidelines
Logo Download Center
Delgado Directions Magazine (Spring 2007)
Delgado Directions Magazine (Summer 2005)
Delgado Directions Magazine (Spring 2005)
Delgado E-Newsletter

Delgado Foundation:

Delgado Foundation Newsletter (Summer 2007)
Delgado Foundation Newsletter (Fall 2006)
Delgado Foundation Newsletter (Summer 2005)
Delgado Foundation Newsletter (Spring 2005)
Invest in The Future Brochure (2005)