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  What is Single Stop?

Single Stop USA, a national nonprofit organization, has partnered with Delgado Community College to help students remain in school. The college discovered that a primary reason for students dropping out of school was taking on work responsibilities to meet life priorities, thereby taking longer to finish their degrees or not completing them at all. Delgado Community College and Single Stop USA hope to reduce or prevent that cycle by letting students know which benefits exist to provide them support when they need it. 

Free Legal Help

-Housing Eviction
-Public Assistance
-Small Business Issues

Free Financial Help

-Financial Advice
-Credit and Debt Issues
-Budget Management

Free Benefits Screening

Determine your eligibility and get public assistance to help you and your family.

-Child Care
-SNAP/Food Stamps

Free Tax Assistance

Its quick and easy! If you worked in the last three years,
you may be eligible for the earned income tax credit- from $100 up to $5,000 cash back per year!



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