Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS)  has partnered with Single Stop USA to offers legal help in civil matters to the low income people living in Southeast Louisiana. All services are free to delgado community college students.

The people we help
Currently enrolled Delgado Community College students and their immediate family.  
SLLS does not accept criminal cases or cases of bodily harm.
Southeast Louisiana Legal Services  Free Legal Aid
Working Together for Justice
Our services
Our services include council and representation for civil affairs. Here are examples of some legal issues SLLS handles:
Saving homes
·        Eviction defense
·        Tenants’ rights
·        Foreclosure prevention and defense
·        Mortgage  modifications
·        Chapter 13 bankruptcy
Repairing homes
·        Succession to clear title
·        Working out tax liens
·        Conflicts with the company's mortgage insurance or reconstruction
·        Conflicts in the repair and contractor fraud
Protection to the consumer
·        Consumer debt
·        Chapter 7 bankruptcy
·        Fraud
Help for families
·        Domestic violence
·        Custody and relocation from one State to another
·        Visitation
·        Custody of third parties (for the care of kinship, admission to public housing or to  stop the neglect of the child)
·        Divorce
·        Earned Income Credit denials
·        Defend IRS audits
·        Collection problems with IRS
Public benefits, employment, education
·        Unemployment benefits
·        (SNAP) food stamps
·        Disability assistance: SSI
·        Job termination
·        Medicaid & Health Insurance
·        Wage claims
·        Expungements
·        Loan Documents
·        Corporate Documents
·        Easements
·        Government Forms
·        Contracts
·        Power of Attorney
·        Stock Documents 
·        Trust
·        Wills & More!!
*Not all cases can be represented, some cases maybe referred out to SLLS main offices or another agency.