Ability to Benefit (ATB)


The Ability to Benefit (ATB) test is required for all non-high school graduates at least 17 years of age whose high school class has graduated and by all graduates of non-accredited high schools. The ATB test is available in English only. A passing score on the test must be attained before being admitted as a regular DCC student. *The following is the minimum required scores for the test: Math 25, Reading 62, and English 32. Students must pass all three components in one session to pass the ATB test. 
Study guides for the ATB are available in the Testing Center. You may also refer to www.act.org/compass/sample/index.html for additional sample test questions. 
Students who pass the ATB test are not eligible to apply for financial assistance under Title IV, but may come to school provisionally on a full time basis(12 or more credit hours) and pay tuition. Students who do not pass are not eligible for financial assistance; however, may take up to 11 credit hours until you pass the ATB or acquire a GED from an accredited facility. Students that do not pass have the following options: 1) re-test the ATB 3 times within a 30 day period and must wait 30 days before taking the test a 4th time; and/or 2) pay your tuition for 11 hours and declare himself/herself as Non-Degree Workforce Development Major. 
There are two ways to register for the ATB.
1.      In Person
Apply to Delgado Community College online at www.dcc.edu
   b.      Have
the $15.00 fee assessed in the Testing Center.
Choose a test date and receive an admit slip in the testing center.
2.      Online:
To schedule your test today, click on the following link:

Appointment scheduling
by Appointment-Plus
Steps to Schedule your appointment:
1. Choose the campus you would like to take your test.
2. Select a time to take your test.
3. Select the date you would like to take your test.
Reminder: Please print out your appointment sheet once you have scheduled your date for testing. Be sure to bring that appointment sheet with you on the day of your test along with 2 pencils and a calculator(if needed).
Contact your nearby Delgado Community College testing  
The day of the exam please bring with you:
  1. Two #2 pencils

  2. Standard or scientific calculator

  3. Admit slip

  4. Receipt of fee payment

  5. Valid picture ID

* Subject to change



Contact your nearby Delgado Community College testing center for services available at the site.

City Park 504-671-5080 / 5086

West Bank 504-762-3198 / 3151

Covington 504-671-6629 / 6600

Slidell 504-671-6678 / 6610