English As A Second Language (ESL)


All Limited English Proficient Students (students whose native language is a language other than English or who come from an environment where a language other than English is dominant) must take the ESL test. The test results are good for one year. The ESL test consists of four computer internet-based tests and a hand-written composition that is available in English only. The ESL test will determine the student’s level of English proficiency in four areas; reading, composition, grammar, and listening. Scores on this test will help students and advisors in the ESL department to determine placement in ESL courses. The test fee is $15.00.
Study guides for the ESL Test are available in the Testing Center. Students whose scores demonstrate English proficiency may be able to enroll in English 101 and pursue a degree or certification program. Students determined to be proficient in English must return to the Testing Center and bring a form from the ESL Department stating that they have passed out of ESL. They must then schedule to take a math placement test which also a $15 fee.
After testing you will be advised of your scores and when you will register for your class(es).

There are two ways to register for the ESL.

1. In Person
Apply to Delgado Community College online at www.dcc.edu
b. Have
the $15.00 fee assessed in the Testing Center.
Choose a test date and receive an admit slip in the testing center.
2. Online:
To schedule your test today, click on the following link:

Appointment scheduling
by Appointment-Plus
Steps to Schedule your appointment:
1. Choose the campus you would like to take your test.
2. Select a time to take your test.
3. Select the date you would like to take your test.
Reminder: Please print out your appointment sheet once you have scheduled your date for testing. Be sure to bring that appointment sheet with you on the day of your test along with 2 pencils and a calculator(if needed).
Contact your nearby Delgado Community College testing

The day of the exam please bring with you:

  1. Two #2 pencils

  2. Standard or scientific calculator

  3. Admit slip

  4. Receipt of fee payment

  5. Valid picture ID

* Subject to change



Contact your nearby Delgado Community College testing center for services available at the site.

City Park 504-671-5080 / 5086

West Bank 504-762-3198 / 3151

Covington 504-671-6629 / 6600

Slidell 504-671-6678 / 6610