Placement Test For First Time Freshmen ONLY


The Office of Advising & Testing administers a standardized placement assessment, the ACT COMPASS/ASSET exam. The ACT COMPASS/ASSET assessment is used to properly place Delgado students in their basic courses. The placement assessment is not a pass/fail test. 

Applicants will not be refused admission to the college because of  test scores. Test scores are used for academic advising and placement only. This placement assessment is comprised of three exams: English, Math and Reading. The placement assessment is primarily administered on computer (COMPASS); however, a paper/pencil version (ASSET) is available. A student is required to take all three tests except when adequate ACT scores or prior course credit have been accepted. An optional biology test is also offered for science majors who wish to bypass General Biology I Lecture and/or Lab. There is a $15 fee for this exam.

For students who want to prepare for the placement test, study booklets are available online at

The placement assessment is administered only to students who have already been admitted to the College. 

It is recommended that First Time Freshman complete the Online Freshmen Orientation before scheduling your placement test. They may access  the Orientation by clicking on Future Student on the Delgado home page.  Students may view the 45 minute to 1 hour online Orientation  for more information about the college and  schedule for the placement test.  

However, students may click on the blue Appointment Now button below and schedule the test now and opt to view the online Orientation at a later time before school begins.

It is expected that students come to the placement test prepared and on time. The placement test is 2- 3 hours long. A current, valid government photo ID is required.  Students may bring a non-programmable calculator and pencil. NO cell phones or electronic devices are allowed. The placement test is considered a valid, reliable  assessment tool used to place students in the appropriate general education course(s).  It is  not a pass/fail exam, nevertheless students should take the test seriously.

After students complete the placement test, each will receive their scores. Students shall  have the option to schedule their classes with an advisor or return for a short introductory session to assist  them with scheduling  courses.


If you would like to complete the Online Freshman Orientation BEFORE scheduling your placement test, CLICK HERE.  


To schedule your test today, click on the following link:

Appointment scheduling
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Steps to Schedule your appointment:
1. Choose the campus you would like to take your test.
2. Select a time to take your test.
3. Select the date you would like to take your test.
Reminder: Please print out your appointment sheet once you have scheduled your date for testing. Be sure to bring that appointment sheet with you on the day of your test along with 2 pencils and a calculator(if needed).
Contact your nearby Delgado Community College testing center for services available at the site.

City Park 504-671-5080 / 5086

West Bank 504-762-3198 / 3151

Covington 504-671-6629 / 6600

Slidell 504-671-6678 / 6610