Verification Exams


Placement scores are valid for three years. During that three-year period students may not re-take the placement test. However, students may verify their original placement once. Verification must be accomplished before enrolling in the course or within the first week of the chosen verification course. Students who especially feel that their placement scores do not accurately reflect their abilities may take any one or all of the placement test sections (English, Reading, or Math).  
The verification exam is different from the placement test.  Its sole purpose is to verify the placement score received by a student. The Verification Exam may confirm the placement results or allow the student to progress to the next course(s). These tests will not place the student in a lower level.
There is a $10.00 fee for each verification exam per subject including the biology bypass exam. 
There only way to register for the Verification Test is:
1.      In Person
    a.      Choose a test date in the Testing Center (at least one day in advance).
    b.      Have the verification fee assessed in the Testing Center.
    c.      Pay the $10.00 test fee for each verification test taking in the Bursar’s Office (the day of the exam).
    d.      Bring the paid receipt and registration form back to the Testing Center (the day of the exam).
The day of the exam please bring with you:
1.      Two #2 Pencils
2.      Standard or Scientific Calculator
3.      Admit Slip
4.      Receipt of Fee Payment
5.      Valid Picture ID 

Contact your nearby Delgado Community College testing center for services available at the site.

City Park 504-671-5080 / 5086

West Bank 504-762-3198 / 3151

Covington 504-671-6629 / 6600

Slidell 504-671-6678 / 6610