Work Keys And Other Certification Exams

The Testing Center is located in the Student Services Center on the City Park Campus, Building 2, Room 305. The Center offers a wide range of testing which includes academic, career and certification exams for students, faculty and community members. The Center offers an array of test to meet the needs of indivduals and industry, through Lasergrade / PSI Inc. Castle Worldwide, Certiport Inc and ACT Inc.

The ACT Workkeys assessment is offered at all campuses and sites. The nine subject areas are directly related to employment skills level. All the assessments may be helpful in evaluating one's jobs skills. The subject areas now available are:

  • Applied Mathematics (a core test)

  • Locating Information (a core test)

  • Reading For Information (a core test)

  • Applied Technology

  • Business Writing

  • Listening

  • Observation

  • Team Work

  • Writing

A fee may be required.


Contact your nearby Delgado Community College testing center for services available at the site.

City Park 504-671-5080 / 5086

West Bank 504-762-3198 / 3151

Covington 504-671-6629 / 6600

Slidell 504-671-6678 / 6610