Dolphin ID Card

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Dolphin Card Office:
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Here, you'll learn about a multi-purpose Dolphin Card that will open doors for you and make your life on campus easier, more fun, and more efficient!



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Great reasons to use the
Dolphin Card!

By using your Dolphin Card, you will not need to carry cash to pay for copies, snacks, or even lunch in the Vieux Carre Caf鬠Quiznos, C3 Express, or Starbucks. All of these purchases may be made using your Dolphin Card. The Dolphin Card is also used for other activities such as checking out books, entering the Game Room, and Bookstore purchases.


Losing your Dolphin Card isn?t like losing money. Just let the Dolphin Card Office know you lost it at 504-671-5461. Your lost card will be deactivated and a new Dolphin Card can be issued with all of your existing account information. Please note that there is a $10 fee for lost ID Card replacements.


Don?t bother searching for loose change to make copies or purchase a soft drink. Now a purchase can be made with one swipe of your Dolphin Card. Once you make your initial deposit, your money will be available to spend immediately.


At the beginning of each semester, Delgado Community College opens a separate account on each student?s ID Card for limited initial free printing.* It can be used at the libraries and computer labs to print out everything from a term paper to your favorite online recipe. Although this account does not roll over to the next semester, Delgado activates the account at the beginning of each semester with a value of $1.00 per credit hour enrolled.*

*Click Here to read our detailed terms and conditions.