Terms and Conditions

Dolphin Card Term and Conditions


The cardholder agrees that the Dolphin Card is the property of Delgado Community College, and can be confiscated from bearer as a result of inappropriate conduct or abuse. Use of the Dolphin Card is subject to all terms, conditions, rules, and regulations.

You must present your Dolphin Card at the time of use in order to obtain services. Your card and related accounts are non-transferable; any misuse or illegal transactions can result in privilege suspension. Except as provided below, you are responsible for the usage of your card.


The Dolphin Card Account is an optional account of pre-deposited funds accessed by the cardholder for products and services. Funds cannot be withdrawn from the account at any time, except for withdrawal from the college or graduation.

Cardholder’s Dolphin Card accounts will be activated automatically upon receipt of an initial deposit. Deposits may be made in the following locations: Bursar Offices at the City Park, West Bank, and at any Automated Deposit Station (ADS).

In the event a cardholder’s ID deposit check is returned due to insufficient funds, a $25.00 fee will be assessed by the Bursar’s Office. Upon notification by the Bursar’s Office, the cardholder’s Dolphin Account will be suspended until the returned check and $25.00 fee have been paid.

Per established Delgado Community College policy, individuals who have a check returned due to insufficient funds will be limited to cash-only transactions for one semester.

The funds in your Dolphin Account shall be debited for goods and services purchased at points of sale. The cardholder understands and agrees the Dolphin Card is not a credit card, nor can it be used to obtain cash or cash advances from the account under any circumstances.

If the cardholder’s Dolphin Card Account balance goes to zero as a result of the system or one of its readers being offline, the cardholder remains responsible for payment of those goods purchased.

In the event of a negative balance, the cardholder will be notified of the negative amount. The cardholder will be given 30 days to pay the negative amount. If after 30 days the negative balance has not been paid, a hold will be placed on the cardholders account in the Student Records System (SIS) preventing registration and transcript requests. Students will be notified when the hold is places on their SIS account and when the hold is removed. Once the student SIS account has been cleared their Dolphin Account will be reactivated within 48 hours.

Merchandise will be accepted for return according to the refund policy in force where the goods and services were purchased. Cash refunds will not be made for returned merchandise that was purchased with the Dolphin Card. A credit will be made to the cardholder’s account.


Report immediately any lost or stolen card, or unauthorized card usage in person or by phone at (504) 483-4682 during business hours. The cardholder is responsible for all usage of the card prior to proper notification to the Dolphin Card Center or Campus Police. There is a $10.00 replacement fee for lost, stolen or damaged cards or for replacement cards due to a name change (name changes must first be registered in the Registrar’s Office).


If an error is noticed on the receipt or statement, contact the Dolphin Card Center no later than sixty (60) days after the error appears. If the cardholder reports the error orally, at (504) 483-4682, a written confirmation may be required within (10) business days address to:

Dolphin Card Center
501 City Park Ave
New Orleans, LA 70119

The cardholder should furnish the following information: (a) name, (b) ID number, a description and dollar amount of the transaction in question, and (d) an explanation of the discrepancy. The results of the investigation should be available within ten (10) business days of notification, however, if more time is needed, the investigation may take up to forty-five (45) days. If no error is found, a written explanation will be provided within three (3) days after the close of the investigation. Copies of the documents used during the investigation may be requested.


There are no refunds issued under any circumstances. The Dolphin Card Center reserves the right to close any Dolphin Card Account that has been inactive for a period of twelve (12) months.


This agreement is posted in the Bursar’s office and in the Dolphin Card Center. The terms and conditions of the agreement are effective and remain binding until the cardholder is otherwise notified. If any changes are made to the terms and conditions, the Dolphin Card Center will post changes in the Bursar’s Office at least twenty-one (21) days in advance of the effective date. Prior notice need not be given where immediate change in terms and conditions is necessary to maintain or restore the security of the system or the account. Anyone requiring this document in an alternative format please contact the Dolphin Card Center at (504) 483-4682.