English Department

 The English Department at Delgado Community College offers an array of courses to prepare students for the traditional freshman college writing sequence.  Beyond the freshman composition classes, the department offers various literature courses that may earn degree credit and also courses in writing that have direct application to the workplace.
Not all of these courses are offered every semester or in all locations. Check with the Department Chair of your location.
Developmental Composition
English 060: Intense practice in fundamentals of grammar and writing. A skills improvement course that may not be used as credit for a certificate or degree. Placement Test Score of 2. C or better required to enroll in the next level Developmental Composition Course.
English 061 and 062: Basic writing sequence focusing on fluency, idea generation, revision, and proofreading. These are skills improvement courses and may not be used as credit for a certificate or degree. In English 061 a final grade of C or better is required to enroll into English 062. To enroll in English 101, English 062 students who have earned a 70% or higher must pass the departmental Exit Exam. Students who do not pass the exit exam must repeat the course. Students who have earned below 70% in the course are not allowed to take the exit exam and must repeat the course.
Freshman Composition
English Compositions I (ENGL 101)
Introductory course in essay writing with emphasis on expository prose. Prerequisite: Completion of ESLN, or “C” or better in English 062, English 063, Placement Test score of 8, or ACT score of 18. Students must compete developmental reading requirement prior to taking English 101.
English Composition II (ENGL 102)
Advanced course in essay writing with emphasis on argumentation. Research paper required. Prerequisite: “C” or better in English 1010 or ACT score of 25.
Writing for Business/Industry (ENGL 112)
Writing and communication skills for special vocational areas. Research paper required. Prerequisite: “C” or better in English 101.
Literature and Creative Writing
ENGL 205 – Intro to Short Stories/Novels
ENGL 206 – Intro to Poetry & Drama
ENGL 211 – American Literature to 1865
ENGL 212 - American Literature after 1865
ENGL 221 – British Literature to 1798
ENGL 222 – British Literature After 1798
ENGL 240 – Special Topics (Classes change by semester. Topics include: Madness and Literature, Shakespeare,
ENGL 244 – African-American Writers
ENGL 253 – The Bible as Literature
ENGL 251 – Creative Writing
City Park English Faculty
Dr. Lester Adelsberg,                                                             Emily Cosper
Dean of the Communication Division                                   Department Chair of English
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Administrative Assistant
Communication Division's Front Desk
Bldg. 1, Rm. 115E
 Isaac Brumfield                                  Emily Clay                                         Melissa Diaz
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  Lilian Gamble                                    Cathy Gorvine                                     Susan Halter
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Shaye Hope                                       Jennifer Kooken                                 Brad Koski
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Joseph Makkos                                   Daniel McBride                                  Carol McCarthy
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        Cheryl Mott                                        Jackson Moss                                  Leeandra Nolting
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Don O’Callahan                                  Robbi Pounds                                     Eugenia Rainey
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Deborah Reed                                     Wendy Rihner                                    Paul Rosefeldt
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         R. Nason Smith                                                Erin Vonsteuben
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