Developmental English Composition


 Not all of these courses are offered every semester or in all locations.  Please check with the Department  Chair  of your location.

English 060:  Intensive practice in fundamentals of grammar and writing.  Meets five hours per week.  A skills improvement course that may not be used as credit for a certificate or degree.  Placement Test Score of 2.  C or better required to enroll into the next level Developmental Composition Course.

English 061 and 062:  Basic writing sequence focusing on fluency, idea generation, revision, and proofreading.  These are skills improvement courses and may not be used as credit for a certificate or degree. In ENGL 061 a final grade of C or better is required to enroll into ENGL 062.  To enroll in ENGL 101, ENGL 062 students who have earned a 70% or higher must pass the departmental exit exam. Students who do not pass the exit exam must repeat the course.  Students who have earned below 70% in the course are not allowed to take the exit exam and must repeat  the course.