English as a Second Language Department


The Department of English as a Second Language (ESL) Studies at Delgado Community College offers English courses to speakers of other languages. These courses are for students who plan to continue their studies in a college or university . Also, they are for those who simply want to develop their skills for social or professional reasons.

    Classes are taught by qualified ESL professionals with extensive experience.

    All full-time teachers have advanced degrees and certifications in the field.

    There are six different levels( from beginning to advanced)  in four skill areas:

  • Composition

  • Conversation

  • Grammar

  • Reading

    A student may want to enroll in all four courses or just one or two. A placement test will determine in which of the six levels the student should be placed.

    Advanced students have the privilege of supplementing  their studies with selected college credit courses.






 Our program offers courses year- round:

  • Fall  Semester: August- December

  • Spring Semester: January- May

  • Summer Semester: June-July


    All students have access to:

  • composition,grammar,and listening labs

  • day and night classes

  • counseling

  • flexible hours



* Please note that all classes are only
offered  at the City Park Campus


ESL Course List



Basic Composition I

Basic Composition II

Intermediate Composition I

Intermediate Composition II

Advanced Composition I

Advanced Composition II



Basic Conversation I

Basic Conversation II

Intermediate Conversation I

Intermediate Conversation II

Advanced Conversation I

Advanced Conversation II                




Basic Grammar I

Basic Grammar II

Intermediate Grammar I

Intermediate Grammar II

Advanced Grammar I 

Advanced Grammar II



Basic Reading I

Basic Reading II

Intermediate Reading I

Intermediate Reading II

Advanced Reading I (co-requisite with Advanced Composition I)

Advanced Reading II (co-requisite with  Advanced Composition II)  


Upon successfully finishing the English as a Second Language courses, the students receive a certificate of completion that signifies they are prepared to enroll in a college degree program or to enter the work world with adequate communication skills.


                                                         ESL FACULTY

 Betty Speyrer is the ESL Department Chair. She can be reached at (504) 671-6341 or via e-mail at aspeyr@dcc.edu. For all matters pertaining the admissions process, please contact Ms. Ana Wilson at awilso@dcc.edu or (504) 671- 5093/5090

Doris Cavey             dcavey@dcc.edu

Yadira Diaz              ymdiaz1@dcc.edu

Marlene Friis            mfriis@dcc.edu

Bill Newman             wnewma@dcc.edu

Linda Scott                lscott@dcc.edu

Cindy Siegrist           csiegr@dcc.edu

Betty Speyrer             aspeyr@dcc.edu

Shelley Tyler              styler@dcc.edu

Darroch Watson       edwats@dcc.edu


    To apply for admission to the college, please contact Ms. Ana Wilson, International Student Adviser, at awilso@dcc.edu  or call her at (504) 671- 5090/5093. 




    Please call Ms. Damaris Largaespada, test administrator, at (504) 671-5084/5080 to inquiry about  extra test dates. Evening test times will be added. Please call Ms. Largaespada or e-mail her at dlarga@dcc.edu  .

    All tests are administered in Building 2- Room 302.

April 2                    10:00AM

April 23                 10:00 AM

May 14                  10:00 AM

May 28                  10:00 AM

June 2                  10:00 AM

June 3                  10:00AM

June 4                  10:00AM

June 5                  10:00AM

June 18                10:00AM

June 25                10:00AM

July 1                     10:00AM            

July 3                    10:00AM


*IMPORTANT:   Many other test dates may be available,     

so please check with Ms. Largaespada in  Building 2 -Room 302 or call her at 504 671-5084.

July  9                               10;00AM

July 14                              10:00AM

July 17                              10:00AM

July 22                              10:00AM

July 28                              10:00AM

July 31                              10:00AM

August 6                           10:00AM

August 13                         10:00AM

August 14                         10:00AM

August 15                         10:00AM

August 18                         10:00AM

August 19                         10:00AM





ESL registration  for new and continuing students will take place in Building 1 - Second Floor, 209W-211W area.

New Students will be called by teachers after they take the ESL PLACEMENT TEST.  At this time, they will be able to register, or they may chooose to come to the general registration dates.


MARCH, APRIL, MAY 14: By appointment with the ESL advisors:

* Please pay attention to the first letter of your last name,  and contact  your advisor by e-mail.

First letter of Last Name             ADVISOR                    e-mail

A  H   Z                                     Shelly Tyler                 styler@dcc.edu

B  E  F                                      Yadira Diaz                 ymdiaz1@dcc.edu

C  N  V   G                               Doris Cavey                dcavey@dcc.edu

P  Q  R                                     Linda Scott                lscott@dcc.edu 

J  K  S                                     Darroch Watson         edwats@dcc.edu  

D  O  X                                    Bill Newman               wnewma@dcc.edu

L  M  U                                   Cindy Siegrist             csiegr@dcc.edu

I   T  Y                                     Marlene Friis             mfriis@dcc.edu


Summer / Fall 2014 Registration


May 28

11:00AM- 4:00PM


July 15 


June 2

11:00AM- 4:00PM


July 21


June 4

11:00AM- 4:00PM


August 13

8:30AM -6:00PM

June 5

11:00AM- 4:00PM


August 14

8:30AM -6:00PM

June 17

11:00AM- 4:00PM


August 15

8:30AM -6:00PM

June 25

11:00AM- 4:00PM


August 18


June 30

11:00AM- 4:00PM


August 19


July 8

11:00AM- 4:00PM





For any special considerations, please e-mail Betty Speyrer at  aspeyr@dcc.edu