College and Career Success Skills


College and Career Success Skills (CCSS)

CCSS classes are designed to improve the following skills:

Note taking

Time management (use of a planner)

Critical thinking

Problem solving

Goal Setting

Memory tips

Test taking strategies

Planning a budget


Additionally, students will:

Gain knowledge of all college policies and procedures

Learn how to schedule classes and understand the college catalog

Develop a resume and letter of application

Explore their careers

Plan for graduation

Discover their learning style, personality type and multiple intelligences


CCSS 107 - College Success Skills

Enhancement of problem-solving and independent learning skills; educational planning; development of academic success skills; exploration of strategies to manage competing demands on a student’s time, career planning strategies.


Designed for Students in the Technical Division

CCSS 108 - Career Success Skills

Provides students with a general knowledge of skills needed for successful employment and career path development. Includes goal-setting, decision-making, career exploration, resume development, job searching, interview skills, problem solving, communication skills, personal qualities, work ethic, interpersonal skills, and teamwork.


CCSS Coordinator – Melanie Deffendall 671-6325