Developmental Reading


Read 071, 072, and 073: These courses  are a sequential developmental  courses designed to improve reading through an integrated language arts (reading, speaking, listening, and writing) approach.  These courses offer basic techniques for literal and critical comprehension, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and application.  These skills improvement courses may not be used as credit for a certificate or degree.

Read 071              Reading Placement Test Score 7-12   

Read 072              Reading Placement Test Score 13-16


                             Reading Placement Test Score 17-20 with 6 or below in English Placement Test Score

 Read 073          Students do not place directly into Read 073.  Students advance from Read 072 into Read 073

 In order to exit Developmental Reading, students are required to pass the course work with a final grade of C or higher and pass the Departmental Developmental Reading Exit Exam.  

A final grade of A, B, or C indicates Developmental Reading is complete. 

A final grade of YA, YB, or YC (Y = in progress grade) requires student to enroll in next Developmental Reading Course. 

A final grade of D or F requires student to repeat course.