Clerical Automation

Technical Competency Area

The goal of this this Technical Competency Area in Clerical Automation is to train both degree-seeking and non-degree students in the basics of clerical skills, particularly basic computer skills needed.

Students completing TCA in Clerical Automation would have learned skills for many entry-level clerical jobs including Civil Service Job Codes GS-0326 - Office Automation of Clerical and Assistance Series.

This series includes all positions the primary duties of which are to perform office automation work that includes word processing, either solely or in combination with clerical work, when such work is performed in the context of general office clerical support. Also included are positions that supervise work characteristic of this series when the knowledge, skills, and abilities for general office automation support work are essential requirements of the supervisory position. Positions in this series require: (1) knowledge of general office automation software, practices, and procedures; (2) competitive level proficiency in typing; and (3) ability to apply these knowledge and skills in the performance of general office support work.

Required Courses (12 credits total)

ADOT-178 General Office Procedures
Communications, record keeping, technology, and general responsibilities of clerical position. Pre-requisite: Typing 25 wpm.

ADOT-106 Word Processing

Use the functions of a popular word processing program. Documents produced include letter, research paper, newsletter, and brochure. Includes the use of mail merge and graphics. Students must be able to type 25 words per minute.

CMIN-201 Computer Literacy

Surveys electronic data-processing systems. Includes history of electronics data processing, terminology associated with computers, basic theory of operation, and practical application in several commercial software packages, including spreadsheets, word processing, and data file management. Covers WINDOWS, Internet, World Wide Web and Electronic mail.

ADOT-265 Spreadsheet Applications

Techniques for using current spreadsheet programs to include saving files, graphing, and printing the output. Prerequisite: CMIN 201.